Thieves in M’sia Tend to Target Singapore Vehicles & Observes Potential Victims Before Striking

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Planning to drive up to Johor for a good meal and hours of discounted shopping? All willing to brave the 35-hour jam?

Think again…

A Frightening (New?) Trend

In Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia, vehicle theft syndicates are targeting Singapore-registered cars and motorcycles.

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These syndicates take apart the vehicles and sell the individual parts for great profits. Apart from vehicle theft, syndicates are also involved in house break-ins and theft of electric cables.

These vice activities are happening just a stone’s throw away from Singapore.

Syndicate members observe the movements of the vehicle owners’ over a few days. They only strike at the best time when they will not be caught.

Malaysian Police Have Taken Action

So far, the Malaysian Police have arrested three car theft syndicates over two months.

Called Ops Lejang Khas, 13 out of the 17 people belong to car theft syndicates. The other 4 were operating alone and were arrested for motorcycle theft. Some of the syndicate members are still at large.

Ops Lejang Khas, which started in August, has so far recovered 12 stolen vehicles: 6 cars, 5 motorcycles & 1 van, all of them Singaporean vehicles.

Leave The Car & Take Public Transport Instead

With this frightening new development, it is best to leave the car in Singapore and opt for public transport instead.

Cars of all makes and models and even motorcycles are getting stolen. Even your beat-up, old automobile could look like a rolling goldmine to the car theft syndicates.

After all, public transport is a much cheaper and fuss-free option.

And you can chill out and talk to the family members or friends instead. Below is a short rundown of the more common options that Singaporeans can opt for:

How To Get There:

SBS Buses to Johor:

Bus No: 170X (Blue Plate)
Route: Kranji MRT Singapore <-> JB Sentral Bus Terminal
Price: SGD 1.39
Schedule: From 5.36 – 23.30 (00.00 on Saturdays), every 5-13 mins

Bus No: 160 (Blue Plate)
Route: Jurong East Interchange <-> JB Sentral Bus Terminal
Price: SGD 1.81
Schedule: From 5.30 – 00.00, every 8-17 mins


Causeway Link Buses

Besides public buses, CW buses are also popular choices to get to Malaysia.

You can find out more here.

KTM Shuttle Tebrau

Route: Woodlands Train Station <-> JB Sentral Train Station
Price: SGD 5

Please refer to the train schedule here.


You can buy tickets directly at the Woodlands Train Station.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, online bookings are only available when using Malaysian internet services.

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