A Man was Arrested in India for Having….Smelly Socks. Serious.

As a young tot growing up, my mum always taught me, “Son, listen to me. You can afford to headbutt your teacher. You can afford to commit the seven deadly sins. But on no account, are you ever to have smelly socks.”

And I’ll stare at her bright-eyed and ask why.

“Because it’s heinous, that’s why,” my mum’ll reply. “There’s nothing worse than smelly socks.”


Being the good, obedient and well-mannered boy I was, I proceeded to wear a single pair of socks for months straight and dangle them in my mum’s face when she’s sleeping.

“Is it that heinous?” I cackled. “You can’t even smell them! Nanananananana.”

Till this day, I’m still sporting the same pair of socks. It might be particularly uncomfortable on the feet and gives off a smell reminiscent of a thousand dead fishes, but it’s a pretty mighty weapon to use against your colleagues.

But I might finally wash it, after reading this piece of news.

“Indian police arrested a man whose stinky socks caused a showdown on a bus as his fellow passengers protested the pungent odour.”

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What do ya know? Smelly socks are heinous after all.

What happened?

According to the police, the assailant was on a bus from the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh to New Delhi, when he removed his shoes and socks and put them near the aisle.

Other passengers started protesting at the smell, and requested for the man to stash the offending pair away or even dispose of them.

The man refused, inciting a pretty heated confrontation that forced the bus driver to halt at a police station in Una district of Himachal Pradesh.

Smelly chaos

The bus reportedly stopped several times because of the smelly chaos before they arrived at the police station, Una police chief Sanjeev Gandhi told AFP.

“He was arrested on charges of causing public nuisance and later released on bail,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi added that the accused had intimidated other passengers and caused a ruckus at the police station.

In response, the man has filed a complaint against his fellow passengers and the bus staff for harassment. He also also insisted that his socks “did not smell”.

He left the day in a different bus the next day.


Honestly, this whole affair just reeks of suspicion.

Or is it just the socks?

I’m not sure anymore.

Nevertheless, remember to wash your socks, people.

But save just one pair for your darkest days.

You never know when you’ll need it. 😉

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