Man was So Angry That His Grab Driver Didn’t Wait for Him, He Assaulted the Driver


Road spats are kind of pointless, because it usually results in unnecessary injuries and wasted time.

On Thursday (16 June), Timothy Thiranraj Sivaraj was sentenced to 10 weeks in jail for injuring a private-hire driver during a physical tussle last year.

After the assault, the 24-year-old man’s victim suffered from a tailbone fracture, bruises along his face, and a scratch injury on his little finger.

Thiranaj pleaded guilty to one charge of intending to voluntarily cause hurt, which turned into grievous hurt, to the 41-year-old driver.

Another unrelated charge of him carrying and throwing a woman to the ground at the rooftop of a public housing block, was taken into consideration during the sentencing.

The court documents only mentioned that the woman sustained a broken nose from that incident.

Dude, do you have anger management issues? Seek help.


Details of the Assault

The spat between Thiranaj and the Grab driver happened on 20 January 2021.

The court heard that Thiranaj had booked a ride that evening, except he failed to turn up within the given time limit.

The driver waited at a public housing on Punggol Field for a few minutes, which was the agreed upon meeting point. Noting that his passenger was nowhere in sight, the driver cancelled the booking.

Thiranaj then called the driver to wait for him, but the other man declined as he had already cancelled the booking.


Hence, the duo started arguing over the phone.

By the point, the driver drove past Thiranaj at the service road that was heading towards the exit of Punggol Field.

The pair got into a verbal argument, now face-to-face, which led to Thiranaj pinning the driver to the ground.

Shortly thereafter, he released the driver and stalked away.

However, the driver started to take a video of Thiranaj with his phone, telling him not walk away because he was going to call the police.

Upon hearing that, Thiranaj turned around and slapped the phone out of the driver’s grasp, before pushing his shoulders, causing his victim to fall backwards onto the ground.

A passer-by called the police to report the fight.

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The Driver’s Injuries

A few hours later, the driver went to Sengkang General Hospital for the injuries he sustained. He was diagnosed with facial bruising and contusions on his lower back and knee, among other minor injuries.

He rejected an X-ray scan then, but as the pain in his neck and lower back continued to persist for the next few days, worsening whenever he bent forward, he decided to seek more medical help.

Four days after the assault, he went to Woodlands Polyclinic, where he found out that his coccyx—the bone at the base of one’s spine—had a displaced fracture, arising from Thiranaj’s shove.


Due to his injuries, the driver was given 11 days of medical leave and paid $190.39 for his medical treatment.

Thiranaj was ordered by the court to compensate the victims for the injuries caused.

For voluntarily causing hurt, which turned into grievous harm, Thiranaj could have been jailed for up to five years and/or fined up to S$10,000.

By all accounts, Thiranaj got off quite lightly.

Hopefully, this will be a lasting lesson to pull back his punches and quit pushing the blame on others when he’s the one who failed to be punctual.

Besides customers rating Grab drivers, drivers should be allowed to rate passengers too, seriously.


It’s not fair that they have to deal with short-tempered or annoying passengers when their job is as hard as it already is.

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