Food Delivery Rider Punched Lady 5 Times After She Shouted At Him for Reckless Riding

The delivery rider waited for her at the lift lobby and assaulted her, leaving her with a broken nose, cracked tooth, and swollen face.

Here’s what happened.

Shouted at Rider for Speeding

The lady, Ms Shen, told Shin Min Daily News that the incident took place on 14 June, near Block 36 Chai Chee Avenue in the evening.

Ms Shen, who also works as a delivery rider, had picked up an order and was on the way to make the delivery at the HDB block.

In the open-air car park, a male food delivery rider who was also riding on an e-bike was speeding towards her, and passed her right side.

As the male rider nearly hit her, Ms Shen instictively shouted “hey!” at him. She did not hear his reply, and continued to deliver the food.

However, when she completed the delivery and went back to the lift lobby, the man was waiting for her downstairs.

He shouted at her and said “hey what hey”. Instead of letting her explain herself, the man punched her at least five times in a row on the left side of her face.

This assault caused Ms Shen to fall to the ground, and the man left without saying anything else. Ms Shen said that she couldn’t even fight back, as the man was half a head taller than she is.

After that, she called the police and was sent to the hospital via an ambuance. Investigations are ongoing.

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Broken Nose, Cracked Tooth, Swollen Face

The assault from the male rider left Ms Shen with a broken nose, bleeding lips, and a cracked broken front tooth.

The woman’s left eye was also swollen shut, with wounds on her lip and cheek, as seen below:

Image: Shin Min Daily News

Ms Shen claimed that she has been unable to sleep due to the pain, and that she has been eating soft foods since chewing is painful. She has also been applying ice to reduce the swelling, as well as taking medication.

Since Ms Shen will be unable to work for at least a week, she could lose up to $1,000 worth of income. She said that she had never met such an assault in her four years working as a food delivery rider, and that she would find it hard to forgive the man even if he apologised.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News