Man Caught on CCTV Stealing a Durian in Broad Daylight at Jurong East


Durian season has hit an all-time high in Singapore now due to an unexpected bumper crop and lower demand in Malaysia.

But one man chooses to be a wet blanket by committing a petty act against a Jurong East durian vendor in the morning.

What Happened

On 23 June (Thursday), durian vendor HoJiak Durian & Fruits posted on Facebook about the durian stealer.

According to the time stamp on the CCTV footage, the incident happened at 5:15 am during the wee hours of the morning.

In their post, a man is captured walking past their stall when he starts eyeing the stall’s basket of durians covered by tarpaulin.

He then walks up to the storefront and looks back and forth repeatedly, as if he was checking if there were people nearby.

The man then walks back to the basket of durians and bent down to lift the tarpaulin off in a slow but hurried manner.

As the tarpaulin comes off, the man bends down to grab one durian fast and walks away nonchalantly from the stall.

Reminds Uncle not to Steal Again

The durian vendor was kind enough not to make a police report over the stealing incident.

instead, they hoped the uncle would come across their Facebook post as a warning to not steal again.

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“Hope (the uncle is) able to see this post for our gentle reminder & don’t do it again,” said the post caption.

The durian vendor also noted that some of their durians did disappear on previous occasions when they opened their stall for business in the morning.

Still, the vendor quipped cheekily if they should thank him for covering the durians back up after he was done with his act.

Netizen Reactions

One netizen had a humorous take on the situation by saying the early bird catches the worm indeed.

Some netizens felt that the stall owner should have reported the incident to the police.

“Report police la. Why give chance? You think this kind of people would stop doing (this act)?” said one netizen.


Others also said they hoped the stealer would get jail time should he choose to repeat his offence again.

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Featured Image: Facebook (HoJiak Durian & Fruits)