Man Cross-Dressed as Woman Because He Wants Cheaper Movie Tickets on International Women’s Day


On International Women’s Day, a cinema in China offered half-price movie tickets for all women. Great if you’re a woman, and really nothing much of an issue for men either. It’s just a movie ticket, after all.

Unless you’re an enterprising guy who knows how to best take advantage of an opportunity. And this guy might have indeed saw this promotion as an opportunity, as he showed up to the box office in full drag, insisting that he was actually a lady.


He/She was dressed in a black hat, pink jacket and black skirt, and approached the ticket seller requesting for the half-priced tickets.

Unfortunately, the seller wasn’t so sure about their gender, and requested to see some ID.

The lady was reluctant to do so, even claiming that her slim waist and long legs made her look prettier than the seller. That’s gotta hurt. It’s not every day a guy in drag claims to look better than you, when you’re supposed to be an actual woman.

Eventually, she complied, and handed over her ID. The seller was right, of course, as the ID listed ‘Male’ under gender.

The thing is, it is pretty rude to claim their gender is whatever it was written on their ID nowadays, with the whole issue about gender identity. So we have to applaud the seller for giving her the half-price ticket anyway.

Score one for genderqueer people?


Nobody really has any proof about the validity of this lady’s claim, though.

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