Man Cut Dogs’ Vocal Cords Because They’re Too Noisy

Sometimes, dog owners soften the barking of their beloved pets if they are barking a little too much for their neighbours to bear.

The legal surgical procedure is called debarking or “bark softening”. It involved reducing tissue in dogs’ vocal cords in order to “soften” their bark so that they will not disturb the neighbours too much when they bark insistently. It has no negative effects on dogs and they are still able to communicate by barking in a normal way.

But this humane procedure has taken a nightmarish turn in Chengdu, the capital of southwest Sichuan province.

A Chinese man by the name of Zeng, ran a “veterinary” clinic on the street and provide the service of cutting the vocal cords of “noisy” dogs for a fee!


This cruel practise is done in a dirty street corner in which the unqualified “vet” would use a pair of scissors to remove anaesthetised dogs’ vocal cord completely while their jaws were held open by strings.

According to the Chengdu Business Report, this self-proclaimed veterinarian operated on the dogs at a side street with just a table.

The ground by his feet were bloody according to video footages, and it appeared that Zeng did not wash his instruments between uses. The illegal and unhygienic practise has been ordered to shut down by the authorities and Zeng is currently under investigation.


Chengdu Business Report interviewed some of his customers and they confessed that they came to him because their dogs were too noisy, which prompted complaints from their neighbours.

As Zeng is charging a low fee of between 50 to 80 yuan (SGD$10 to $16), customers flocked to him for the illegal procedures instead of bringing their dogs to a certified veterinarian.

The victims of this story are definitely the poor dogs. They did not ask to be born with a “loud voice” and barking is what they do best! Think of what the poor dogs have to go through before you log a nasty complaint about your neighbours’ dogs next time!

While some of them can go through debarking in a safe procedure here in Singapore, it is still a surgery that they have to endure just because you did not like the fact that the dog is barking for joy at the sight of their beloved human.

As for owners, do look into the issues if your dog is barking non-stop and find a way to stop them before complaints come in from your neighbours. After all, it is only fair that your dog should not disturb the neighbours all day and night long.

Potential owners, perhaps it is time to consider if the dog you want to buy or adopt is suitable for your home. Some breeds need a lot of attention and may not take kindly to an empty house all day long. Consider all possibilities before buying or adopting to make the best home for your new pet!

And before that, let’s talk a little about cats. Do you know that people declaw cats, and that is considered a cruel and inhumane?

Whoever you are, here’s the rule of the thumb: unless you’re certain that you can own a pet, please don’t anyhow anyhow get one first.

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