Man Dies After Drinking Soda Like Water Every Single Day

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Yeah, it happened again.

The White Death (what some are calling sugar) taking away the life of another, among the other damage that we suffer other than death.

Just last week, there was an article on the death of an 8-year-old from sugar.

And this week, it’s a 30-year-old man.

An office worker from Suzhou, China drinks soda like water

The original article comes from Oriental Daily.

A 30-year-old office worker in Suzhou, China treated carbonated drinks like water and also liked to eat sweets. Known as Wang, he is 178 cm tall and weighed about 113 kg.

By treating it like water, I mean really like water.

Wang started feeling weak, constantly thirsty, often goes to the bathroom, and even started losing weight.

Initially, he thought this was just because of the heat, so he drank even more soda whenever he felt thirsty, which only resulted in his condition worsening.

Eventually, a friend sent him to the ER of a Suzhou hospital (苏州科技城医院) on 6 Aug 2019.

Blood sugar 20 times a normal person’s

The doctor ran a blood sugar test and found it to be 110 mmol/L, which is 20 times compared to the 3-6 mmol/L of a normal person.

More than just diabetes, Wang also had acidosis, a condition that means body fluids or tissues are too acidic), potassium disorder and his friend also said that Wang had hypertension.

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Prior to this, Wang didn’t know he had diabetes.

He is later diagnosed with Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State (HHS), which is a complication caused by having too high sugar concentrations in your blood (aka diabetes). The doctor did his best to save Wang, but there was not much he could do and Wang died.

Sugar makes anything taste cheap

This may all end up just being a scary story that you think won’t happen to you.

But I know you do it too. It’s part of our kopitiam culture after all. Sit down for a cup of Kopi? Teh? Sugar’s inside. Maybe a sugarcane juice? It’s called sugarcane, dude. A warm cup of barley? Well, sugar’s inside too! Maybe some fruit juice? Nuh-uh.

Image: Make a Meme

So instead, here’s another reason why you should eat less sugar: it makes you feel high SES.

Let’s take a look at how a coffee expert drinks coffee:

If you noticed anything, is that he didn’t add any sugar or anything else. Guess what, it’s because sugar doesn’t actually taste that good, especially if your coffee is good.

Sugar is basically a cheat code for companies to dump flavour into cheap products. So if you’re relying on sugar to make things taste good (to the bakers: other than desserts), you’re eating cheap products that taste like shit on their own.

Image: Giphy

Incidentally, that’s also the reason why coffee snobs avoid Starbucks like the plague and opt for those hipster cafes nobody heard of. Starbucks’ reliance on sugar doesn’t sit well with those who prefer the original taste of the coffee.

A 1 kg packet of sugar in NTUC costs less than S$2, which you can compare to a packet of coffee beans that may cost around S$9 (depending on quality…). So here’s the question: do you want your coffee to taste like S$2 or S$9?