Man Got Caught for Smoking in Shelter Due to Rain & Online Shamed NEA Officers; Netizens Reacted Accordingly


Smokers in Singapore are generally frowned upon, as the Government comes up with new rules and regulations to minimise the number of smokers in Singapore.

Just last week, I wrote about how the government might increase the legal age for smoking to 21-years old.

Okay, that’s something new. Let’s go back in time to look at something old.

As most of you may know (well, smokers definitely know), smoking is prohibited in sheltered areas.

But I guess one guy in Singapore is still not aware.

According to Mothership, a Singaporean man was issued a fine of S$200 for smoking under the shelter. But it’s not the fine that has made it viral.

Here, take a look at the video first:

If you think the video is too long (it is almost three minutes long, which is like three years on the Internet), here is a succinct summary of what went down.

He was arguing with the NEA officer on how it is unfair that he got fined for smoking in a sheltered area as it was raining. He then started his rambling and he found the whole situation—in his own words—really reprehensible.

He also mentioned that he disposed his cigarette properly (oh, so if someone murdered another person, the argument could be that…he disposed of the body properly? #justsaying).

From the video, you could hear his friend also supporting him but in a less entitled way: she said sorry a couple of times.


He started being repetitive, which started to give me a headache.


If you want to argue, please come up with more than one comeback line—on a normal day I would smoke out here (referring to the unsheltered area) is definitely a weak argument.

The NEA officer was very patient to put up with his nonsense.

Then he continued berating the NEA officer and started questioning as to why he was still holding onto his Identity Card.

The NEA officer also mentioned that it was not a good idea to record a public servant on duty.

“Is there a law against that?” said the smoker. He also added, “You guys are recording me right now, look at the camera over there”.

He is referring to the other NEA officer with a body camera in the vicinity. Pretty sure only he was the one who didn’t know what that camera was for.

Here come the netizens

Let’s just say that netizens are really objective: Most of them sided the NEA officer


Even smokers supported the NEA officer.

But still, there are a few salty netizens siding with the smoker.


I mean…if you have no money, for starters, maybe you should stop buying cigarettes?

This is a black and white situation. The smoker is in the wrong, but what irks me the most is his self-entitlement.

His friend, the woman, kept saying sorry and he did not even apologise once. Instead, he stood his ground and was a rebel without a cause.

Maybe next time NEA officers should just extinguish smokers who don’t follow the rules.


Moral of the story: Don’t smoke in prohibited places and if you do and end up getting caught, don’t be a little b*tch about it.


‘Coz there are cameras everywhere.

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