Man in China Dragged Newly Adopted Dog On His Car ‘Cuz the Dog Has a Smell

Let’s just face it – the citizens of China hasn’t had a good history with dogs.

Due to a lack of animal protection laws in the country, it has frequent cases of severe abuse and torture of pets, particularly dogs.

Syringes have been found being sold in China to poison and kill dogs. I mean, the country has a festival dedicated to torturing and eating dogs. If you can stomach it, you can read 10 facts about it in our post here.

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So yeah, perhaps due to culture and upbringing, many of the Chinese do not have high respect for dogs.

Are you ready to read this next one? I hope you are.

Dragging Dog With His Car

A man from Guangdong, China, was recorded in a video driving with a dog leashed to the rear of his car.

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The dog was seen frantically chasing behind the car, but at one point collapsed out of exhaustion at a traffic light. Without checking if the dog was okay, he just continued driving when the traffic light turned green, dragging the dog behind the car.

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Chinese netizens burst into outrage after the footage was shared online, prompting the police to investigate the matter.

The man purportedly had just freshly adopted this dog and apparently committed this act simply because the dog had a foul stench and probably did not want it in his car.

After tracking him down, the authorities only fined him 100 yuan (~$20 SGD) and awarded 2 demerit points for dangerous driving. The case is still currently undergoing an investigation to determine if he had broken any further laws.

Dog Abuse In China

As stated above, animal abuse is very common in China due to a lack of animal protection laws. Perhaps due to dog meat actually being a delicacy thought to have medicinal effects, they are often mistreated at the hands of their owners.

Earlier this year in Yiwu, China, a video surfaced of a dog tied up and its mouth bound in a bathtub.

The man in the video then pinned down the helpless dog before punching it repeatedly in the head, all while smiling towards the camera making his young daughter watch. Obviously, before long, blood started to pour out of the dog’s nose and mouth due to internal injuries.

It was unclear why he did it or if the dog survived, but the man was incredibly proud of his actions and uploaded the video himself.

Image: Tenor

The true motives behind these psychopathic actions will always remain unclear, but what goes around comes around. At least I hope it does.

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