200K Posioned Syringes Sold in China to Kill Dogs for Their Meat


Everyone is familiar with how a minority of the Chinese hunts for dogs ruthlessly for their meat.

Every year, campaigns are raised to stop the Chinese from their monstrous means of attaining dog meat.

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But first of all, why do they consume dog meat?

Dog eating has been a practice in many civilisations for centuries.

Dog meats are thought to act like medicine, which comes in extra handy during the cold winter months in northern China.

It is speculated that eating dog meat can raise body temperature and promote warmth.

Dogs also became a source of food when other meats are scarce.


If I were to put it this way, it is also similar to how in the stories that we’ve heard, North Koreans who are starving resulted to digging up the corpses of their family members to eat.

In modern China, dog meat is often served in restaurants. There’s also an annual dog eating festival in Yulin.

As gross as it might sound, it’s still a widely accepted tradition and there are no laws to ban this.


Recently, 200k poisoned syringes were found in a suspicious package by a postal worker, according to The Telegraph.


There were ‘strange, pungent smelling fluids’ leaking from the package, according to what was reported to the police.

200 syringes were found inside the package and the police seized the man whom the package was sent to.

Xinhua reported, “Police said the needles were modified with a spring and a tailfin at the rear so they could be shot like a dart.”

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A dose of muscle relaxant suxamethonium was injected into the syringes. They are used to fire at dogs and can kill them immediately.

The dogs are then sold to vendors who hunt down pets on the street and trade them with restaurants.

2 ‘shooters’ who hunt for their preys on the streets were arrested.

The police found a number of frozen dead dogs that were brought down by the syringes.

They were kept in a cold storage near the hideout of the group behind the syringes, and were planned to be sold in winter.


The chemicals are found to potentially harmful those who ate the affected dogs.

When the police raided the group’s workshop in Hubei Province, 5 other men making the syringes were arrested.


They are found to have sold the deadly weapon in 20 provinces and regions across China, according to Xinhua News Agency.

Four kg of chemical powder, 10,000 needles and 100,000yuan (SGD 20380) were also found.

Wendy Higgins from the Humane Society International said: “The dog meat trade in China is organised, large-scale and facilitated by crime, with as many as 20 million dogs and four million cats killed every year, so stopping the gangs involved is a major step in the right direction.”

Even though dog meat is not consumed in Singapore (right…?) and we don’t celebrate any dog eating festival, that doesn’t mean we can’t do something about this.

So next time you come across a campaign that’s raising awareness for all the poor dogs out there, do your part and spread the news!

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