10 Horrifying Facts About The Brutal 2017 Yulin Dog Festival That’ll Sicken You AF


A warning to dog lovers, this is one article you might want to skip. Because it can be a pretty tough pill to swallow.

Yes, I’m talking about the very controversial Yulin dog festival that happens in China every year.

Here are 10 facts about the festival that’ll horrify you. I know it did for me.

1. The Yulin Dog Festival Happens Every Year

For the uninformed, the Yulin Dog Festival takes place every year on the 21st of June and will continue for 10 horrifying days.

Within this ten days, expect 10 thousand dogs to be killed and consumed. But that’s not the worst part.

It was previously reported that the festival will be banned by the local government back in May this year, but it wasn’t true.

2. It is believed that consuming dog meat has benefits

Eating dog meat has been a part of China’s culture for more than 400 years. They believe that when men eat dog meat, they will be able to increase their sexual stamina, keep them cool during the hot days and ward off evil spirits.

3. The dogs are publicly tortured and killed

You wouldn’t believe this but they don’t just cut the dogs’ throats and just be done with it. They torture the dogs in public, even in front of other dogs to create fear and stress in them.

They believe that when the dog is afraid, the adrenaline and fear coursing through their blood will make the meat more tender and succulent.

4. The number of dogs eaten at the festival is just a small fraction

You’ll be surprised but the Yulin Dog Festival doesn’t even come close to contributing to the number of dogs eaten in China.

It is estimated that every year, an approximate 25 million dogs will be killed and consumed in China.

5. The Yulin Dog Festival Isn’t A Tradition

One of the main defence used by supporters of the festival is that it’s a tradition. Just like how people expect their traditions to be respected, they want the world to know the dog festival is a tradition of theirs to keep.

Of course, it should be noted that while consuming dog meat is tradition, the festival isn’t. According to Forbes, the festival was actually started in 2009 by dog traders to boost up their own businesses.

6. The dogs are transported in cramped cages with little to no food and water

Most traders transport dogs and cats to the festival in poor conditions, most of the time even without food or water. Animal activists have also reported that animals seen at the festival are full of sickness.


While the government has strict rules when it comes to transporting these animals for food, most traders admit that they do not fulfil them.

6. The dog slaughter houses is extremely filthy

Imagine if one day, you who always buy your chicken from a place suddenly heard news about the filthiness of their suppliers, would you still buy from them?

According to Marc Ching, the founder of Animal Hope & Wellness, a Los Angeles-based animal rights advocacy group, the slaughterhouses he visited is dirty beyond belief, with blood and guts everywhere.

7. Cats and kittens are eaten at the festival too

While it’s known as a dog festival, the fact remains that cats and kittens are sold at the market as well.

8. Not all dogs sold at the market are breed on dog farms

Just imagine, if you’re staying in China, the dog you eat might just belong to your best friend.


A huge percentage of dogs found at the festival are illegally obtained, either by stealing them from owners or picking them up from the streets. 

Activists claimed that some dogs at the festival are still wearing collars and dog tags, while others are still dressed in their cute little doggy suits. 

9. Yulin Government Accused of Turning a Blind Eye

Animal activists are accusing the local government of turning a blind eye on the festival. The local government claimed that they have no power because there are no laws against the consumption of dog meat.

However, activists claimed that given the conditions of the animals’ transport to the market, it is clear that the traders are already flouting the rules.

An activist in Yulin claimed that she was stopped from entering the festival by the police. Another journalist was suddenly kicked out from his hotel.



10. Not all dogs sold at the festival are for eating

Finally some good news! Not all dogs sold at the festival are for eating. There are dogs going on sale as pets too.

This is also how activists are saving dogs in Yulin, by buying pups from the dog traders.

While the Yulin Dog Festival 2017 isn’t successfully stopped from happening, media reports online show that the volume of dog meat sold this year is smaller than previous festivals. 


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