Man Seen Doing Military March on Yishun Road Braving Both Vehicles & Rain


Y’all saw people walk in the rain before?

Usually, we can guess their reasons for doing so: they forgot their umbrella, or they like walking in the rain. Or perhaps they’re going through tough times.

But when you see someone marching in the rain, can you even guess anything?

Marching in the Rain

Was he marching with a raincoat on? No.

Was he marching in homewear? No.

In fact, he was marching in casual wear with a backpack.


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The rain didn’t deter his determination to march through any less. And overcoming fear seems to be hammered into him really well; man is marching right smacked in the middle of the road.

Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe things can be cleared up a little considering that this happened in Yishun, on a road outside Northpoint City

I mean, yeah, sounds like the right place to see this kind of thing.

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Netizens’ Guesses

Most jokes in the comment section were National Service-related, and some were pretty hilarious.

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Image: Instagram (@sgfollowsall)
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Image: Instagram (@sgfollowsall)

Didn’t know NS could do that to you, but each to his own.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@sgfollowsall)