Man Obsessively Played Game for 1/2 HR While Shitting Was Hospitalized


I’ve gotta admit that I spend too much time in the toilet. And no, I’m not talking about taking a bath or shower. My shower time is strictly 5 minutes because I was brought up together with the notion of saving the environment.


Like many of you out there, I have a bad habit of using my phone while I’m camping inside the toilet. However, the longest I took was probably 20 minutes or so—hence this piece of news about a man suffering a rectal prolapse after spending half an hour on the toilet surprised me.

Was I really this close to getting a rectal prolapse? I mean, it’s just a difference of 10 minutes after all.

According to local reports (9 Feb) in Guangdong, the unidentified man (you wouldn’t want to be identified for this either, would ya?) was being treated at the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University’s emergency room.

The man went to the hospital at around 1 am and was seen with a friend who was helping him along as he was reportedly unable to walk on his own.

Doctors then found a piece of his rectum, measuring at about 16cm, protruding from the man’s anus. In the report by, it was also mentioned that the man had spent too much time playing on his mobile phone while using the toilet.

In case you have no idea how long 16cm is, it’s about the size of a 6 inch subway sandwich.


Rectal prolapses are actually a pretty common occurrence amongst children and old people. In fact, one of my ex-colleague’s son had to go to the hospital because, according to him, “his butt flipped inside out”.

Dr Su Dan, one of the doctors present at the hospital, said that most rectal prolapses can be retracted. However, such was not the case for this man.

…Yeah, I would imagine that it’s going to be really difficult trying to fit something as long as a subway sandwich back inside your body.

According to the doctor, the man had suffered rectal prolapses since the age of four. In other words, his condition might not have a whole lot to do with him squatting on the toilet bowl!


Whew, I can’t imagine if that were to happen to me one of these days.

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Anyway, doctors removed the protruding parts and the man was able to walk again two days later.

Whatever the case, please try not to spend too much time in the toilet! Aside from the possibility of suffering from an anal prolapse, you’re gonna be holding up the line!

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