I Played Travel Frog for 5 Days & Haven’t Deleted It Yet. Here’s a Review


Here, a trick question: What’s the difference between looking at a paint drying and playing Travel Frog?

And here’s the answer: there’s no difference.

Yet, five days after downloading this phenomenal game in my phone, it’s still there. In fact, five minutes ago, I even opened the app, not because I needed to write this review but because I just wanted to know if my frog is back.

Yeah, it’s crazy, but real.

Travel Frog: What the heck it is

If you’ve been living in a rock, here’s a tl;dr summary of the gameplay: you’ll merely just look at a frog as it minds its own business in his house. Very often, he would go for his travels and you’ll be left with an empty house.

Image: play.google.com

You can only do a few things:

  • Buy necessities for its travel
  • Pack its bag for its travel
  • Take some clovers that are currency in the game
  • Look at the frog, the items it sent back and the postcards it sent back

Yeah, that’s what you do. If you’re still new to it, check out the 12 facts about this game.


Game. Game?

Some people have associated this with Tamagotchi, the virtual pet everyone used to have in the past.

Image: wikipedia.org

But that was in 1997, when Internet wasn’t even mainstream and the only source of entertainment we had were…hanging out with friends.

But somehow, this has captured people’s hearts, topping the chart for the most downloaded free game for weeks (and it’s still there).

Image: play.google.com

An honest review

Now, before anything, here’s a disclaimer: I’m no mobile game player. In fact, the last game I’ve downloaded is Fun Run 2, and that was like a year ago.

In fact, I’m not exactly addicted to my phone for leisure: to me, it’s a communication and work tool. I’m an old man, but according to experts, I’m the target audience for this game: the younger generation (I’m not that young but at least I’m a millennial) who feels lonely with hectic work schedule would be drawn to it.

Not sure about being lonely, but hectic schedule, yeah.

The only reason why I’ve downloaded this game is out of curiosity after hearing about it in radio. The DJs spoke of how boring it is, and I wondered how boring it could be…and well, they were right.

It is boring, but it is very smoothing to just do nothing and check on the frog: when he’s home doing the most mundane things like reading a book or writing something, I would somehow be drawn to it.

So far, I’ve seen it read a book, write something on two locations and have its meal.

And each time it did these, I’ll just spend minutes looking at it. Yeah, it helps me relax. Or kill some time. Or whatever.

It doesn’t hurt when the music is relaxing as well—even when it’s just a loop that never ends.

I like the frog so much, I even refused to pack its bag for its travel. But just like the DGAF frog as it is, it still leaves the house like a boss.

Sometimes, it’s pretty fulfilling to see the postcards it sent over as well. It’s like you’ve built a bond with the frog—and wonders, sometimes, where it has gone.

I spent maybe five minutes on it every day, but if you add everything together, that’s like 25 minutes of my week…merely looking at a frog.


Come to think of it, it’s a waste of time but still, I’d want to check on its progress after I’m done with this review.

What’s the appeal?

I honestly can’t find a word for it: maybe it’s just the anticipation of what’s next, or maybe it really helps me to relax.

But here’s the thing: it might be illogical to think it’s a “good game”, but it still draws me in.

Scary but true.

Should you download it?

With millions of downloads, it won’t hurt to give it a try. But if I were to describe it, I’ll say that this isn’t a game: it’s an app instead.


An app that somehow makes you do the weirdest thing in the world, like looking at a frog minding its own business for minutes.

After all, remember: it’s 2018, when our attention span has become much weaker. One minute now equals to one hour.

Now, please excuse me as I check my frog (again).

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