Man Redrew Road Markings #LikeABoss So He Can Drive Home Faster


You know that saying: “What, you think this one your Grandfather’s road ah?”

The first time I heard it, I was so surprised because I legit thought that my Grandpa owned it. I even felt proud, because surely not every old man in Singapore owned a road.

I’m the heir to a road, I remember thinking. Hip, hip hurray! I’m RICH.

Before you judge me with a stink-eye, just know that I was barely out of my nappies then. Instead, applaud me on my innate power to use the complicated word ‘heir’ at the tender, young age of 4.

Alright, you can stop now.

Anyways, it seems that I’m not the only individual who took the saying literally. There’s another person in China who did the same too.

Only difference?


He’s not that young.

What happened?

A Chinese man has been fined RMB 1,000 (S$200), for reportedly redrawing road markings in a venture to make his commute to and from home faster.


According to, Cai Zhi Gang, 28, was frequently held up in a traffic jam while taking the bus home.

Instead of sucking his thumb and waiting it out like the other folks, Cai decided to take matters into his own hands.

After all, why wait… if you can fix it?

So he set to work. Armed with white paint and a brush, he drew an additional arrow on the road. This effectively changed the left turning lane at that particular junction to one that also allowed vehicles to go straight.

For some unknown reason, police officers intervened. Hey, what are you guys doing? It’s obviously his grandfather’s road, alright? He’s free to do whatever he wants to it.

But Cai decided not to weigh in with his authority. Instead, he tried to fight it out via the intelligent way.

He told the officers that there were fewer cars on the left turning lane, while the other road lanes were routinely packed.


But the officers didn’t buy it. They said that his actions could actually have “caused collisions between vehicles that were going left and those going straight.”

Hmph. Spoil sports.

Subsequently, Cai was fined, and his arrow was painted over.

Poor arrow.

Moral of the story

Don’t draw arrows in the middle of the road.


Even if it’s named after your grandfather.

Because honestly…

It’s not worth 200 bucks.

Draw on a piece of paper instead. It’s like way cheaper. Just saying.

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