Man Manages to Get $1 Refund After Buying Wrong Yeo’s Canned Drink That Looks ‘The Same’

Have you ever bought a drink only to realise that it wasn’t what you asked for?

And of course, in usual circumstances, you wouldn’t be entitled to a refund because, well, you chose it in the first place.

Here’s a story of a man who decided to buy a can of Yeo’s soya bean drink, only to be met with a disappointing surprise instead.

Bought The Wrong Drink

The man was feeling thirsty so he went up to a vending machine and inserted a $1 coin into it.

Excited to have a taste of Yeo’s soya bean drink, he eagerly pressed the button for it and waited for it to be dispensed.

However, to his horror, a can of Yeo’s chrysanthemum tea was dispensed instead.

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It was like he was cheated of his money and lied to. Now, he’s left with a drink that he doesn’t want and he has lost a dollar.

Packaging Too Similar

According to him, the packaging for both the soya bean drink and the chrysanthemum tea are too similar.

They’re both yellow in colour with the same red company logo sprawled across the middle of the can. So if you weren’t paying close enough attention, you would probably make a mistake too.

Image: Facebook (Ed Dy)

Annoyed by this, the man decided to air his grievances online and question Yeo’s for their decision to make the packaging so similar.


Emailed Yeo’s

One other Facebook netizen told him that he would probably have better luck at getting a response if he emailed the company directly, so that’s exactly what he did.

In the email, he asked why the packaging for the two drinks are so similar, and also asked for a refund of his $1 because he bought the wrong drink due to them.

He also told them that they should just change the packaging of the drink so that nobody would get confused and buy the wrong drink too.


Now, most of the people who commented blamed the man for not paying close enough attention when he was purchasing the drink, which resulted in the wrong buy, but there were also some people who commented that they understood how he felt and that it was an honest mistake they would have made themselves too.

Yeo’s Replied

And if you thought Yeo’s probably wouldn’t bother about the man’s email, you’re wrong, because on 27 July, Yeo’s actually replied.

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Image: Facebook (Ed Dy)

In their email, they apologised and at the end of the day, the man allegedly got the refund that he was asking for.

Image: Facebook (Ed Dy)

Yeo’s representative said that the issue has been highlighted to their marketing team and Yeo’s has also asked for the company operating the vending machine to separate the drinks so that no confusion will occur again.

At the end of the day, the man got what he wanted and Yeo’s heard his feedback loud and clear.

But seriously speaking, do you think the cans are really similar in packaging?


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