Ryan & Sylvia’s Divorce Reminds Man Of How He Has Also Prioritised Work Over Love But Eventually Made it Work

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Recently, popular Singapore YouTubers Ryan and Sylvia of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) took to YouTube to talk about their divorce.

They had divorced back in March, partly because of their business.

The ex-couple shared that because of their business, they could not separate their work and personal lives, nor could they take time to slow down and reflect after their arguments.

They had split peacefully, and according to Ryan, they were apparently holding hands when they headed to the lawyer’s office.

Netizen Reminded Of His Own Relationship

On 1 June, Geraint Liu took to Facebook to share how seeing the Ryan-Sylvia video reminded him of his own relationship.

He shared that he had gotten too involved in his career and neglected his then-girlfriend.

After joining the Financial Advisory business while in school, he started to get busy with trying to build up his own career.

All his time was spent on working and studying, and he only set aside enough time to have dinner with his girlfriend once a week.

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Arguments And Disagreements

His girlfriend wasn’t happy and frequently complained that he was neglecting her.

On the other hand, he argued that the entire reason why he’s working so hard is to provide a better future for her.

He added that he had seen no purpose in putting so much into the relationship if his own “business, work and finances were not even stable”.

After three years, they almost broke up.

Thankfully, They Didn’t

He shared that they decided to give each other a second chance and start afresh.

He started giving more to his relationship while his girlfriend gave him time and space to do his work.

While it wasn’t an entirely smooth journey, their relationship did get better.

Now, they’re no longer boyfriend and girlfriend.


They’re fiance and fiancee, still very much in love.

He ended his heartfelt post with some wise words:

Treat your relationship like how you’ll treat all aspects of your life like fitness and your career, always strive for continuous improvement, progression and development.

Like a flower, if you don’t put in the effort to water it, it’ll one day wither away.

Best fiance-of-the-year material? Definitely.

You can view his awe-inspiring Facebook post here.

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