Man Jailed 3 Months for Breaking into Bakery at AMK to Steal 3 Pieces of Bread & Cash


Last Updated on 2022-03-28 , 9:27 am

Desperate times do call for desperate measures.

But breaking in and theft is still unacceptable.

The Bread Stealer

The offender in question is Dinh Van Hai, a 33-year-old Vietnamese construction worker.

He first arrived in Singapore on 25 November 2020 from Vietnam, and he worked at Thousand Deli Bakery at Ang Mo Kio station for eight months before he switched to becoming a construction worker.

During his employment at the bakery, he noticed that the staff would leave the backdoor unlocked after closing up shop at midnight. The bakers would usually report for work two hours later.

Since Dinh was in financial distress and was aware of the bakery’s shifts and lack of proper backdoor security, he contemplated the idea of stealing money from his old workplace after the workers left at midnight.

He couldn’t be a breadwinner, so he decided to be a bread stealer.

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The Day of the Incident

In the early hours of 12 January, Dinh went to Ang Mo Kio Station and sat there for a while before deciding to execute his plan.

At approximately 1am, he went to the nearby rubbish bin and found some plastic bags to cover his hands to avoid leaving any fingerprints while committing the crime.

Then, Dinh entered the bakery through the backdoor, making off with three pieces of bread and $400 from the cash register, a machine that he had learned how to operate during his time at the bakery.

While leaving the bakery, Dinh took off his jacket to avoid being identified by the CCTV cameras nearby, and he disposed of the plastic bags that he had used.

Afterwards, he walked a short distance away to flag down a Grab car to return to his dormitory at 23 Defu South Street 1.

His crime did not go unnoticed, because an employee called the people later that morning to report that someone had stolen $400, but there was no sign of entry.

Arrest and Sentencing

Dinh was arrested on the same day and $182.20 was recovered from him. He didn’t restitute the remaining money (nor the bread, I think).

The prosecution asked for three to four months in jail, recounting how Ding had shown a high level of planning, which included wearing plastic bags on his hands and avoiding detection by taking off his jacket.


Moreover, the prosecution pointed out that while $182.20 was recovered, the accused hadn’t voluntarily handed over the remaining sum, and that it had been recovered at the time of his arrest.

For house-breaking to commit any offence, the court could have doled out a maximum of 10 years in prison and/or fined him.

On Tuesday (22 March), Dinh was convicted of one count of house breaking in order to commit an offence after he pleaded guilty in court.

The 33-year-old was sentenced to serve three months in jail.

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