Man Stole Metal Bench From Bus Stop To Decorate His House But Netizens Focus On The Price Tag Instead

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News of a high-profile theft recently rocked the safe, sunny island of Singapore.

In a country where the police tell their citizens that low crime doesn’t mean no crime, the theft of a beloved public ornament created waves among the good folks of the country.

How could he? Amazing. He’s my hero. 

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Okay, fine. That’s starting to sound like satire, and I’m going to stop there before we become a fake news portal.

But a daring theft did happen in Singapore, and it’s one that raised eyebrows among the good folks of Singapore.

Although not for reasons you might’ve thought of.

Man Steals Metal Bench From S’pore Bus Stop

Image: ZDL /

On 14 Jun 2017 at around midnight, a man decided to steal a metal bench from a bus stop at Braddell Road.

22-year-old Tan Ke Wei reportedly wanted to model his house after an integrated bus stop (taste, my friend, is subjective).

When he saw the metal bench, he found it “nice” and wanted to bring it home to “check its dimensions”.

He meddled around with the bolts and managed to unscrew all eight bolts holding the metal bench to the ground.

He placed the metal bench in a trash bag and took a taxi home.

Police Tipped Off, Man Gets Arrested

The next day, an anonymous source tipped the police off to the theft and they tracked him down to his flat.

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He later showed the officers to the riser unit where he had stored the bench. The bench was subsequently seized by the officers.

Lawyer Goh Hui Nee, who was representing Tan, said that his client had no malicious intent. He had even screwed the bolts back onto the screws so that commuters will not trip on them.

In addition, he had already ordered a similar bench from a supplier overseas, validating his claim of wanting to design his house modelled after an integrated bus stop.

Tan is a bus enthusiast and was at the bus stop that night to catch sight of older bus models which he knew would stop there.

The prosecution sentenced him to a seven-day detention.

For his actions, he could’ve been jailed for up to two years and/or fined.

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But Netizens Are Only Focused on Two Things

When the Land Transport Authority was shown the metal bench, they said the bench belongs to them and is worth $1,500.

Image: Imgflip

And with that juicy little tidbit revealed, the comments started flooding in:

So now you know, the next time you sit on a metal bench at the bus stop, you’re actually sitting on a $1,500 bench. High-SES lah, no?

But, of course, there’s another small part that’s pretty astounding as well.


The fact that he can unscrew all the bolts with just his hands.

I mean, we’ve walked past all these benches before and the benches look like they’re bolted down to the ground.

Could he be the VR man we’ve been looking for all these years?

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