Man Who Was Charged for Drug Possession Had Threatened SPF Officers That He’ll Find Them When He’s Out

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When one is released from jail, you would think they would’ve turned over a new leaf and stopped committing crimes or causing trouble, right?

Well, not for this man.

Man Who Was Charged for Drug Possession Had Threatened SPF Officers That He’ll Find Them When He’s Out

It all started 7 March 2021 when 47-year-old Clarence Selvarajoo was consuming beer with three friends near a supermarket in Teck Whye Lane.

The loud noises they made attracted some complaints and that got three police officers to arrive at the scene. At that time, it was 9pm.

When the officers approached them, they saw that Clarence not wearing his mask correctly, thus they asked him to put the mask on properly.

He must have felt embarrassed for not being able to wear the mask properly for he challenged the officers to a fight instead.

So, the officers detained him instead of taking the challenge. After searching him, 11g of fragmented vegetable matter was found in his sling bag.

In case you’re thinking, “Why is he taking chopped cabbage in his bag?” That’s because fragmented vegetable matter is a new psychoactive substance AKA synthetic drug.

Aside from the drug, utensils were also found.

He was arrested immediately and taken to the Woodlands police division headquarters.

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“When I come out, I will find you.”

All went according to plan until they arrive at the Woodlands police division headquarters. It was then he got angry and spat on a police officer who sat next to him in the car. He also shoved at him with his knee at least three times.

The police officer was not injured.

Suddenly, inspiration struck Clarence and he partially recited a line from the show, Taken, “When I come out, I will find you.”

It was considered bold of him to say that considering he was in restraints the entire time.

Then again, this was not his first brush with the law.

18 Years Behind Bars

Clarence had spent a total of 18 years behind bars prior to this. He was released early on 2 Jan and was supposed to remain out of trouble. Apparently, that did not last for long.


For these offences, Clarence is going back behind bars for eight months and 17 weeks. He’ll also be fined S$5,500.

He pleaded guilty to nine charges including abusing police officers, theft and drug possession.

Six other charges such as flouting COVID-19 rules and abusive behaviours were taken into consideration.

On top of that, he will have to spend another 22 days behind bars for breaching his remission order.

His jail term would be backdated to 8 Sep when he was put in remand.

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