Wuhan Couple Who Lied to MOH in High-Profile Case Sentenced to Jail


Last month, Chinese Nationals Hu Jun and Shi Sha were convicted of all charges against them.

The couple had conspired to lie to MOH’s contact tracers about their whereabouts.

The irony is that previously, they had said that they would only plead guilty if they didn’t go to jail.

Today (24 November 2021), the sentencing is out: Hu Jun, 40, was sentenced to five months’ jail, while his wife Shi Sha, 38, was given six months.

This marks the end of a trial that went on for almost two years, as the couple has contested all the charges against them.

Initially, their lawyers asked for a fine instead, but the prosecution had sought five months’ jail for Hu (which he got) and eight months’ jail for his wife.

Hu was found guilty for one count under the Infectious Diseases Act, while Shi was found guilty of four charges for withholding information, giving false information and failing to respond fully and truthfully to a health officer.


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What Happened

During the hearings, it’s revealed that the couple had lied about their whereabouts.

Hu Jun had provided false information to a health officer about his whereabouts from 22 January 2020 to 29 January 2020.

He said that after leaving the airport, he had been in a car to The Loft@Nathan, a condominium that his wife lives. According to him, he had stayed in the apartment on 22 January 2020, and had dinner with a friend that evening in the Orchard Rendezvous Hotel.

He had his symptoms the next day, but still went for a walk on 24 January 2020.

He then claimed that between 24 January to 29 January, he stayed in a friend’s empty house to isolate himself from his family members due to his fever.

It turned out that on the day he arrived in Singapore, he had allegedly gone to Long Beach Seafood@Stevens in Stevens Road at 12.52pm, and went to Marina One Residences later that day at 3.37pm.

Marina One Residences is, well, a luxury condo in Marina Way.

But that’s not all.

On 24 January 2020, he is also accused of going to the Chinese embassy in Tanglin Road at 10am, and Ngee Ann City at 11:15am.

He then allegedly went to the Intercontinental Singapore Hotel that evening.

On 28 January, a day before he was hospitalised, he’s also accused of making a trip to Studio M Hotel at 12:30pm.

As for the wife Shi Sha, she was supposed to be quarantined at home from 31 January to 12 February since Hu Jun was then already isolated in Singapore General Hospital.

She went off to stay in a hotel instead.

And because she needed to provide details of her movement, she even lied to MOH, saying that she had taken a taxi from the condominium unit to SGH, when she had obviously gone to the hospital from the unnamed hotel.


Both of them have mounted weird defences: Hu Jun blamed it on miscommunication, and even claimed that he isn’t certain if he, indeed, contracted COVID-19.

Shi Sha also cited miscommunication for her defence, and claiming that it was like “a chicken talking to a duck”.

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