Man Tricked 34 Teens to Send Him Nude Photos By Offering Them Influencer’s Jobs


Social media can be wonderful until someone takes advantage of the naïveté in young and trusting users.

This was the case of this despicable man, Adrian Tan Jun Jie, who had tricked 34 girls aged 11-years-old to 18-years-old into sending him nude photographs of themselves when he pretended to be a female agent that offered potential job prospects as influencers.

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Targeted Victims Via Instagram & Fake Account

The 25-year-old man started to browse Instagram extensively in October 2017 for girls that he had found attractive.

Using the photo and video sharing platform, Tan created a fake account with the name ‘Audrey Tay’ that included an e-mail address.

When he located a potential victim, Tan would use the fake account and contact the potential victim under the guise of offering them a job as an influencer.

These e-mails would state that the victims stand to earn “$25-$50 per day” by taking photos of themselves wearing clothes that would be mailed to them.

Tan had approached numerous teenagers on the platform in hopes of getting victims. Those who were interested in his offer had replied him to get more details.

From there, Tan would continue their conversations on messaging platform, LINE under the profile ‘Audreytxy’.

First Victim Harmed in 2018 

As Tan’s ploy progressed, he would ask his victims first for selfies and later, more revealing photographs, when their conversations continued on the LINE messaging platform.

Unfortunately, in May 2018, Tan’s first victim had sent her nude photographs to Tan.

From here, Tan told the victim to contact a male assistant that was named ‘JJ’, another fake account that was created by Tan.

Tan had told the victim that ‘JJ’ would perform sexual acts on her. When the victim refused, Tan threatened to leak her nude photographs online on Facebook and email them to her school.

Out of fear, the victim agreed to Tan’s request but later managed to inform her mother about his demands. The victim then made a police report and did not meet up with Tan.

More Victims Grew to Be Aware of Scam

Another victim halted her contact with Tan for a few months after watching a YouTube video about an online scam that involved a man asking girls for nude photographs.

Tan then contacted this victim and pretended to be Audrey’s husband. Tan proceeded to spin yet another story about how Audrey was stressed out from losing her job due to the victim’s lack of response which could affect her pregnancy.

Out of sympathy, the victim re-established contact with Tan and started messaging him again.


She also ended up sending Tan nude photographs.

Punishment for Tan 

Deputy Public Prosecutor Hidayat Amir had sought for Tan to be sentenced 40 to 49 months’ jail as Tan’s scheme had ended up harming more than 30 victims, some of whom are minors aged under 16-years-old.

Meanwhile, Tan’s lawyer had sought for a sentence of 27 to 31 months’ jail. Tan’s lawyer said that Tan has been working odd jobs to support himself and his parents.

According to The Straits Times, Tan was “truly remorseful and entered an early plea of guilt which saved the court time,” said Tan’s lawyer.

Anyone found guilty of procuring the commission of an indecent act by a child could be punished by a maximum fine of $10,000. Subsequent convictions can carry a fine up to $25,000 and jail for up to seven years.


On Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence

According to AWARE, technology-facilitated sexual violence (TFSV) is “unwanted sexual behaviour carried out via digital technology, such as digital cameras, social media and messaging platforms, and dating and ride-hailing apps.”

If you are in distress due to TFSV or know someone who’s a victim of TFSV, consider approaching AWARE for help via their women’s helpline:

AWARE Women’s Helpline – 1800 777 5555

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