Man Who Worked 12 Hours Daily Without OT Pay For 7 Years Finally Gets Compensated By Company

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Now here’s a sad story for once that comes with a happy ending. In life, we’ve all been through some sort of struggles. Especially when it comes to work.

Crazy-ass deadlines, piles of work that come in just before your lunch break and makes you rethink even going out to eat, or horrible bosses that’ll make the movie Horrible Bosses’ bosses look like good guys.

And then there’s this poor fella in Japan. We have to give him credit where it’s due – he’s one helluva hardworking man.

Over the past seven years, the 31-year old guy worked hard for 6 days in a week, and that at a range of 12 hours per day.

Despite the damn long hours he put in, he didn’t get the compensation he deserved for it.

Sucks right?

Based on a new coverage by Chinapress, the guy was working in an Internet café from the years 2009 right up to 2016. He’d clock in every day at 10.00 a.m. and only leave at 10:00 p.m. in the night.

Overtime pay is obviously going to be given to him, correct?

BUT No. As the man didn’t even know he was eligible for OT for the extra hours of his work. His employers just kept quiet about it also lah. Such idiots.


(Article continues below) Do you know that your company can’t deduct a fixed amount of money if you’re late for work? Or that you can’t work more than 12 hours a day? Here’s a video on the ten rights you have as an employee you confirm-plus-chop didn’t know of (but you still let your boss bully you ‘coz you’re scared of him / her):

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He then decided to take legal action and he sued for SGD$302,395 for his underpaid salary. Now that, my friends, is a large sum of cash!

But then again, that’s for seven damn years, so reasonable lah.

A battle took hold in court, and thankfully to him, the judge ruled the case in the employee’s favour. The company was told to pay him SGD$145,164.

Okay, it might be lower than what he sued for, but it’s still a decent compensation.

According to the judge, the company had not been really clear about whether he could receive overtime pay or not. Records indicated that the man’s salary was a mix of 50 percent basic pay and another 50 percent of fixed OT, but the company choose to keep the employee in the dark about this.

The judge further added that the OT rates had gone up between the years 2014 to 2016, and once again the company failed to do anything.

The man had apparently worked an extra of about 82 to 123 hours for every month for the company, but the fellas had also attempted to avoid upping his salary for the excess number of hours.

Cheh, pretend like they dunno and just go on everyday while the guy works his butt off.

The employee’s lawyer said that this is a very usual problem created by companies who want to wring the worth out of the workers without paying for it.

Well, now the joke’s on them as they have to pay him almost S$150,000 leh. That’s why la, try and take advantage of people, then everything will come and hit you back in the face like an ugly slap.

And just so you know, there are actually regulations about OT in Singapore. Here’s an article on the ten facts about OT that we published recently.

Now, whoever you are, remember: work is important, but still, you’ve got your rights.

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