Man Who’s Born on 25 Dec Named ‘Merry Christmas’ Coz Parent Don’t Wanna Think Hard for a Name


A 54-year-old man living in East Java was named Slamet Hari Natal, meaning Merry Christmas, because he was born on 25th December 1962.

He held out his ID card and indeed it says “Slamet Hari Natal”.

It was supposed to be Selamat Hari Natal but because he is a Javanese, his parents decided to name him Slamet instead. Slamet is a common Javanese name and it loosely translates to “safe”. 

He said he was born in the house of the midwife, who was a Christian. Thus, she suggested to his parents to name him Selamat Hari Natal, the Indonesian Christmas greeting. Although his parents are Muslims, they accepted the name and simply changed it to Slamet.

“They said they didn’t want to spend too much effort on thinking up a name for him so they accepted the suggestion,” he said.

He has one sister named Mujiati.

Despite bearing the name while being a Muslim, he has never received any criticisms from his neighbours. 

“No, never. We practise tolerance here,” Slamet said.

This a pretty convenient way to name children. Can we expect more parents to name their children after certain festivals or events in future?

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