Mandarin Orchard S’pore Mass Food Poisoning Involves 4 Events in 3 Days

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Food poisoning is now a thing in Singapore. Sadly.

From an eatery to catering and even wedding lunches, food incidents have been popping up one after another.

And the latest high-profile case to hit the shores of social media is Mandarin Orchard.

Here’s a Flashback In Case You’ve Missed It

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On Sunday (2 December 2018), it was reported that more than 400 guests attended a wedding lunch in Mandarin Orchard Singapore, and “dozens” fell ill after that.

The father of the bride was even hospitalized, though it’s uncertain how bad the situation is at this current moment.

According to reports, the authorities have stepped in to investigate.

A spokesman said that they are now “looking into reported cases of food poisoning among banquet guests of the hotel so that we can render every possible support and assistance”.

And now, there’s been an update on the Mandarin Orchard situation.

Food Poisoning Linked To Different Events Happening Within The Same Period

Authorities have revealed that the food poisoning cases could be linked to four separate events that happened at the Grand Ballroom from 1 to 3 Dec.

1 Dec 2018: Wedding dinner at the Grand Mandarin Ballroom

A Channel NewsAsia reader told the media outlet that she attended a wedding dinner at Mandarin Orchard Hotel Grand Ballroom on Saturday. She alleged that about 20 people got food poisoning after the event.

She claimed that the people ill experienced symptoms like diarrhoea and vomiting.

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2 Dec 2018: Wedding Lunch at the Grand Mandarin Ballroom

This was the event that brought the entire saga to the public’s eye. More than 400 guests attended a wedding lunch. Forty-two guests experienced symptoms of gastroenteritis. Four guests were hospitalised as a result, including the father of the bride.

2 Dec 2018: Chanukah dinner at the Grand Mandarin Ballroom

About 500 guests attended a Jewish dinner at the same venue on Sunday, 2 Dec. A reader told Channel Newsasia that he fell “deathly ill” after. He alleges that he knew about 12 people who also fell ill.

The hotel confirmed that such an event was held at the venue but said that they did not “prepare or handle the food due to special requirements”.

There was no mention of what the fourth event was.

Banquet suspended until further notice

On 5 December 2018, reports stated that 175 individuals fell ill with food poisoning and nine of them hospitalised.

Thankfully, all nine of them are in stable condition.

As all the food poisoning cases could be linked to the banquet kitchen, the Grand Ballroom is closed until further notice.

The Grand Ballroom was closed for a thorough clean-up and disinfection and “all ready-to-eat food, thawed food and perishable food items” are to be thrown away.

Until NEA is satisfied that “the public health risks” are resolved, the Grand Ballroom will remain suspended.

The Grand Ballroom’s the only place affected

If you have a reservation at one of the other restaurants in the hotel, don’t worry. Their operations are not affected.

The authorities have checked the other kitchens of dining venues and function rooms in Mandarin Orchard Hotel and deemed it clean enough to continue operations.

However, they’ll work with Mandarin Orchard to review processes for the other kitchens as well.

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