First Half of March to be Hot & Less Windy; Temperature Could Go Up to 35 °C


Can you feel the heat?

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Yep, I’m talking about the intense heat you probably feel the moment you walk out into the sun, ready to go to work or school.

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Unfortunately, we’re going to be experiencing more of this immense heat in the coming first two weeks of March, according to the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS).

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It’s Going To Be Hot & Less Windy During The First Half Of March

According to the forecast by MSS, the first half of March will be experiencing warm conditions because of a dry air mass that is forecasted to be over the equatorial Southeast Asia region.

During the second week of March, the prevailing Northeast Monsoon will likely weaken and we might experience short-duration thundery showers in the afternoons over parts of the island on some days.

On days where there is strong wind convergence over Singapore and the surrounding vicinity, we will experience heavier showers.

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The overall rainfall for the first two weeks of March is expected to be below normal over most parts of Singapore.


So What’s The Temperature Going To Be Like?

Well, I hate to say this, but the daily maximum temperature could go up to 35°C when there is a light wind and not many clouds.

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As for most days, the daily temperature during the first two weeks of March would likely be between 24°C and 34°C.

So everyone, get ready for the hot and humid weather because it’s here to stay for at least the next two weeks.

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely prepping myself to stay indoors for the next two weeks.

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Here is a video of the weather forecast if you are interested to watch it.

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