Marcus Chin Revealed That He Earned Over $26K Each Work Trip & Spent Them on Women in the 80s

George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright, often said, “The youth is wasted on the young.” This is because the younger generations often make bad decisions that one would often regret some time down the road.

An example could be seen in Marcus Chin‘s youth.

Marcus Chin Revealed That He Earned Over $26K Each Work Trip & Spent Them on Women in the 80s

Back in the day, Chin was a part of the long-running Comedy Nite and various shows alongside many hot stars in Singapore. At the height of his career in the 80s, he was invited to perform across Southeast Asia.

In Indonesia, he made about S$544 a day and he would stay for about two months. That means each work trip will get him around S$26,000.

Do, do note that back in the 80s, one plate of chicken rice cost $1.20 so that was a lot of money.

Of course, like many young and foolish people who think that “money could be earned back but this moment can’t”, Chin squandered his money on food, drinks and the devil of them all: women.

Female Company

“I was young and I sought female company,” Chin shared in an interview with Quan Yi Fong in the latest episode of Hear U Out.

Since Chin can only eat and drink so much, that means he spent a lot on the women. But what did he spend on them?

He bought them handbags, watches and branded cigarette lighters. The lighters cost more than S$300 a piece while the watches cost thousands of dollars.

He also spent a bit on his costumes since he had to prepare them himself.

As you would have recalled, this was not the only time Chin was entangled in the grips of a female. In 2009, Chin made headlines when he allegedly cheated on his Taiwanese wife with his former personal assistant that was 32 years his junior.

They have an 11-year-old daughter together. Currently, she is living with her mother at Johor Babru.

“Wild Horse on the Loose”

His wild spending habits started when he joined Haiyan Opera Theatre in 1979. He had a base pay of S$1,000 monthly and he could get extra incentives if he starred in skits and plays or wrote a script.

Aside from the female company, he also bet on horses, smoked his lungs away and drowned his liver in alcohol.

He described himself to be a “wild horse on the loose”.

That of course worried his mother who often looked out for him even though he would only reach home at 3 to 4am. Despite spotting his mother doing that, he still continued with his actions.

Looking back now, Chin does regret his action, advising the youth to cherish and be filial to their parents while they can.

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