Running Man’s Kim Jong-kook Responds to Rumours That He Takes Steroids


“Your body looks unnatural”.

I, like many people, wouldn’t take too kindly to the above statement whether someone said it to my face or online.

But then I’d remember the 15 McSpicys I had the day before, and how all the unhealthy bits of that burger seemed to have settled in my elbows.

But what if that insult was flung at an incredibly fit and muscular superstar known for his bodybuilding?

Well, that’s basically what a YouTuber named Greg Doucette did.

Rumours That Kim Jong-kook is Using Steroids Surfaced Online

It all started when Doucette, a fitness YouTuber, posted a video in October.

In his video, Doucette said that South Korean entertainer Kim Jong-kook was not being “natural” in his bodybuilding routine. However, it’s not anabolic steroids that Docuetter suspects the Running Man star of taking, but hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

HRT is said to be able to reverse the effects of ageing on muscles.

People likely took Doucette at his word because he too is a bodybuilder, as well as a powerlifter. He takes HRT as well and admitted to using steroids in the past.

What Doucette finds hard to believe is not how jacked Kim is, but how jacked he is despite his age. 

Kim is 45 this year. A loss of muscle mass and strength naturally occurs with ageing, and usually manifests after the age of 40.

Allegations “Crossed the Line”

At first, Kim didn’t take Doucette’s allegation seriously, even saying that he “enjoyed” it and was “proud” that his physique made people suspicious because of his age.

But in a recent YouTube video on his bodybuilding channel, Kim said the allegations have “crossed the line”.

“I have worked as a television celebrity for 27 years and believed that the most important role as a celebrity is to bring joy and happiness to the public. I even thought that enduring online criticism and hate speech was part of my job, if they were a form of catharsis for the people who are suffering hard lives,” he said.

“But I think the recent event simply crossed the line. And I would like to show and inform people what kind of actions they can get after spreading unverified rumors and hate speech.”

As Kim spoke in the video, Park Min-chul, a lawyer, was seated beside him. Park then brought up the offence of defamation and the legal consequences that can follow.


Kim has been so riled up by the accusation that he has even taken a blood test to refute the allegation.

“I am thinking of giving the Canadian YouTuber a chance to apologize as a human and as a man. But whether he apologizes or not, the doping control test results will be revealed next week and I will be done with steroid-related content. I promise viewers that I will return with more fun and healthy content,” he said.

Meanwhile, Doucette said that the controversy has only helped Kim gain more publicity, including more followers and views on social media.

Interestingly, though, the videos in which he made the accusations are currently not available on his channel.

You can watch Kim Jong-kook’s video here:


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