Transport Minister: Compulsory to Wear Masks In S’pore Public Transport

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Transport Minister: Compulsory to Wear Masks In S’pore Public Transport Now

Transport Minister and Hui-Ge-lookalike Khaw Boon Wan has just posted a Facebook post that’ll make the trains and buses more colourful in the coming days:

Lest you can’t read:

With “Circuit Breaker” (CB) measures in place, trains and buses are not crowded and safe distancing is possible for public transport. But when crowds return to buses and trains, safe distancing rules will push waiting crowds onto the platforms and outside of stations, with long queues. I can imagine impatient, and even angry commuters. I think a practical compromise is for all commuters to wear masks when they use public transport. We will make mask-wearing compulsory for public transport. This will minimise transmission in public transport during post-CB period when safe distancing is compromised. To prepare for this, we will get commuters to wear masks, NOW, when using public transport. Our Transport Ambassadors will remind them to do so. Our posters too. If you do not have one, please go to your nearest CC to collect it NOW. Tomorrow is the last day for mask-collection. But when you do, please don’t loiter in CC. Collect your mask and go home. And stay home, please.

If it’s tl;dr, here’s the summary:

  • All commuters must wear masks when they use the public transport NOW
  • Transport Ambassadors and posters will remind you to wear it
  • Collect your masks in CCs now if you haven’t done so
  • This will continue even after CB period as it’d be more crowded after that

So yes, if you’ve not collected your mask yet, now’s the time to do so.

So far, there’s no mention about any penalty or whatsoever.

Over in Taiwan, it’s also compulsory to wear a mask since 1 April 2020.

But of course, you might be wondering: why?

Asymptomatic Transmission

There’s increasing evidence that people can transmit Covid-19 to others before they experience symptoms (presymptomatic) or even when they don’t experience symptoms at all (asymptomatic).

This is why Singapore is changing its view on wearing face masks because of these silent, ‘hidden’ carriers.

A study in Singapore, for example, showed that at least 10 people got the coronavirus from those without symptoms.

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Safe-Distancing in Public Transport in Singapore

This isn’t the first measure made for public transport in Singapore.

Just two days ago, buses and trains have started safe-distancing measures, with a limit on the number of commuters in a train or bus and crossed-out seats.

Also, thermal scanners will also be deployed at selected MRT stations as an additional precautionary measure.

For now, all I can wonder is this: What’s next?

After all, it was just about an hour ago that a new measure regarding food handlers was announced.

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