McDonald’s Bringing Back Chocolate Pie on 22 Feb & A Review of the Sinful Pie

Do you know that chocolate is a food that’ll make you happy?

And I’m not talking about it figuratively, or based on how your bae smile like there’s no tomorrow when you buy it for her once a month.

It based on science.

You see, it contains chemicals that affect your brain, like Theobromine, Anandamide or Phenylethylamine. I failed my chemistry and biology back in my school, but judging from the names of these chemicals, they sure look happy.

Of course, not to mention that it contains sugar, which increases serotonin in your brain (this one you should know, right?).

Lest you’re not as smart as me, a boost in serotonin will improve your mood—which is why usually, a hungry man is an angry man as their serotonin level could be low.

Now that you know how smart I am, here’s the meat of the article: McDonald’s is bringing back the famous Chocolate Pie on 22 February 2019.

If my perception of time is as good as my perception of science, that means it’s coming tomorrow.

Image: Giphy

Lest you’ve a memory akin to a goldfish’s, McDonald’s has released this sinful sweetness-overload item last year around this time as well, so I project that this’s going to be like Prosperity Burger and our ICT: an annual recurring item / event.

(I just hope that the sour egg yolk loaded fries aren’t recurring)

Now, we’re not trying to show off, get credit or tell the world how goody we are, but back then, McDonald’s did mention in a video that they’re bringing this pie to Singapore after numerous requests, and we saw our article there.

Just saying, you know. Just saying. We might be trashy but we can make a difference.

So, is it worth the calories?

Image: Taken by Celeste

We’ve tried it last year, and here’s what my colleague mentioned:

The burnt-looking crust is similar to apple pie’s crust on the after-taste. But on the first bite, I would compare it to dark chocolate with a slight hint of bitterness.

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I’m not a fan of dark chocolate but it was acceptable for me. As for the chocolate filling, it resembles one of the brands but I can’t point a finger at a specific name. Maybe Royce? Godiva?

It’s not too sweet, a perfect balance between milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Image: Taken by Celeste

For me, I’ve tried it but can’t remember much of the taste—though I do remember it running out of stock pretty fast.

So if you’ve not tried it last year, mark this date down: it’s tomorrow (22 February 2019).

You can read our review here.

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