McDonald’s Donut Sticks: A Secret New Breakfast Item That’s Coming to Singapore on 27 Feb 2020

I’ve no idea why McDonald’s not publicising this: maybe they don’t want to dilute the hype of their McGriddles, or maybe promoting this would attract Health Promotion Board’s wrath.

Whatever it is, it won’t stop a diehard McDonald’s fan like me from finding out about this:

McDonald’s Has a Secret New Breakfast Item That’s Coming Out on 27 Feb 2020

If you think I’m making things up because it’s not on any McDonald’s online platform, here’s the proof:

Yes, there wasn’t even a media release about this new item. At least not to Goody Feed.

It’s unknown if the donut sticks are available in all outlets or only in selected outlets. We understand that the outlet in East Coast Park, which is an outlet as a testbed for new products, have this (or something similar) before.

Apparently, the McDonald’s donut stick is a popular seasonal breakfast item in the US, and it was so popular last year that it partially led to the company having a strong quarter earnings.

Here’s a video of Food Insider hungry people trying it:

Most of them just said it tastes like…donut. Which fulfils the propose lah; if it tastes like McGriddles then GG le.

Not the First Time McDonald’s Had a Secret Item (And Uncovered by Us)

If there’s one thing I’m proud of after working in Goody Feed for eighty years, it’s this: we actually managed to uncover not one, but two secret items from the Golden Arches.

Other media outlets might have written about it after that without crediting / hat-tipping us (obviously we tried to search for more information before publishing), but hey: we’re still proud of that.

Reader Bao: You’re proud of finding secret foods from McDonald’s when other media outlets dig out important scoops?

Yes, Mr Bao, because McDonald’s is bae.

During that time, McDonald’s did not publicise their latest items as well, and soon, it was revealed that they were only available in a few outlets.

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Those two products, the boneless crispy chicken and the prawn paste chicken cutlet, didn’t go mainstream and was discontinued shortly.

So based on history, this new item that’s revealed by Goody Feed might have the same curse, so grab it when you see it.

I sure know what breakfast I’m having on 27 February 2020.

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