McDonald’s Bringing Back Hokkaido Salmon Burger & New STARZ Potato from 8 Oct

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On 1 Jan 2019, you made a promise to yourself.

Avoid drinking bubble tea for the whole year and you’d not only improve your health but save up for a holiday.

Considering you consumed an average of 12 cups of boba a day, you ended up saving thousands of dollars, and so you booked tickets early for a long, relaxing vacation in Japan.

But then the coronavirus emerged and took a big stinking poop on your plans.

Image: Tenor

This meant that you sacrificed over 4,000 cups of bubble tea for nothing, and now you can’t even have a taste of some authentic Japanese food.

While I may not be able to offer you a worthy replacement, I might have something that will cheer you up.

McDonald’s Bringing Back Hokkaido Salmon Burger & New STARZ Potato from 8 Oct

Bathe your dog, get out your wallets, and shake those blues away, because McDonald’s is brining back their popular Hokkaido Salmon Burger!

Image: McDonald’s

From 8 Oct, hungry diners will be able to gorge on these beautiful beasts and get a taste of Hokkaido from $5.95.

A delicious salmon coated in crispy panko is sandwiched between two soft buns, topped with shredded white cabbage, sliced onion, and roasted sesame mayo.

If you’re like me and eating is something of a hobby of yours, you could order the Double Hokkaido Salmon Burger for an extra two bucks – $7.95 – if you get it a la carte.

Image: McDonald’s

But a burger without sides is like a bubble tea without pearls: meaningless.

That’s why McDonald’s is offering STARZ Potato as well!

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Image: McDonald’s

These crispy, golden brown potato bites come in a set of nine for $2.20 a la carte.

If that isn’t enough for you, you could also get the creamy Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie (from $1.50), which will go nicely with its Japanese counterpart.

Alternatively, if you often eat portions meant for a family of four, you could order the Hokkaido Salmon Feast, which includes the Hokkaido Salmon Burger,  medium-sized fries, Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie, and a small Green Tea.

The Hokkaido Salmon Feast is available from $11.40 for the Double and from $9.40 for the single.

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Hershey’s Ice Cream

Reader: But… what about dessert?

Isn’t the Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie enough?


Reader: And here I thought you actually knew me

Well, if you have a sweet tooth and one pie won’t do it for you, you can choose from an array of Hershey’s chocolate ice cream cones and cups from 5 Oct.

This includes the soft-serve cones – available in a regular Cone, Twist Cone, and ChocoCone.

Image: McDonald’s

Image: McDonald’s


Image: McDonald’s

Or, if you want something a little more substantial, go for their sundaes – Hot Fudge and Strawberry, or their McFlurry, which comes in three flavours.

Image: McDonald’s

Image: McDonald’s

Image: McDonald’s


Too sweet for you? Why not have a slice of cheesecake with a hot Green Tea Latte at the McCafe instead?

Image: McDonald’s

These two items will be available from 8 Oct.

Is your tongue salivating at an alarming rate? Well, fortunately for you, the Hokkaido Salmon Feast is available via McDelivery and GrabFood, while the cheesecake and Green Tea Latte will be available all day at McCafé stores.

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