McDonald’s Now Having Ninja Burger With Charcoal Buns on Top of Samurai Burger


Besides the comeback of McDonald’s Seaweed Shaker Fries and Samurai Burger, the Ninja Burger has returned to the menu.

Image: (@mcdsg)

Signature Black Charcoal Buns And Nanban Sauce

The Ninja Burger features two distinct black charcoal buns with a crispy chicken patty slathered in Nanban sauce packed within, alongside some cabbage, cucumber, and tartar sauce.

If you look at the promotional material close enough, it’s almost like the face of a ninja.

Image: (McDonalds)

The Samurai Burger is still in fine form; with two juicy, grilled beef patties dipped in teriyaki sauce, topped with a crisp lettuce to even out the savoury flavours.

The Ninja Chicken Special, which consists of the Ninja Burger, Seaweed Shaker and Jasmine Green Tea costs $10.75.

If you want to share a meal with someone, the 2x Value Meal: 2 Ninja Chicken Upsized Meal for $20.20 might just be the deal for you.

This 2x Value Meal is available for the Samurai Beef Burger as well.

You can also get a Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie ($1.80) to complete your meal with something sweet.

Remember to check your McDonald’s app too, just in case there are special deals.

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Featured Image: Facebook (McDonalds)