Here’s Why Tony Leung Could be in Squid Game 2

Ahjussi fangirls are gonna have a field day today.

As if Gong Yoo and Lee Jung Jae aren’t already pulling in the views from fans, Hong Kong Star Tony Leung is rumored to also be starring in the highly anticipated second season of Squid Game

Hints of Tony Leung’s Participation in Squid Game

It appears that his wife, Carina Lau, is the biggest supporter of his potential role in the sequel. On 9 October, she shared a series of black-and-white photos of Tony Leung having a meal with Squid Game Director Hwang Dong-hyuk on her Instagram on October 9.

The two appeared to be having a serious talk as their expressions were very concentrated.


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A post shared by Carina Lau (@carinalau1208)

Lau later added more fuel to the suspicions by sharing a subsequent Instagram post of everyone at the dining table with the caption “Let’s play Squid game!(sic)”


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A post shared by Carina Lau (@carinalau1208)

If Leung’s appearance in Squid Game is confirmed, this will be his second-biggest role after playing Leung Wen Wu in Shang-Chi (2021), which served as both his first English-speaking role and his breakthrough into Hollywood.

It’ll also be a win for our eyes when we see Gong Yoo, Lee Jung Jae, and Tony Leung all appearing on the same screen.

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Struggling to Write the Sequel’s Plot

It feels like the excitement surrounding the sequel is never dying down. But the only person at the opposite end of the scale seemed to be Hwang.

Just this September, Director Hwang expressed his predicament over killing off too many characters.

Given the premise of the game allowed only one survivor, many beloved characters had to be eventually killed off. This puts Hwang in a spot on how to continue the story.

Though he is already working on the script, with newly added games that would be featured in the second season, he struggled with how to handle the deaths of two of the show’s beloved characters, Ji-young and Sae-byeok.

The pair developed an endearing friendship with each other, with Ji-young having no attachment to her life and sacrificing herself for the sake of her newly-founded yet short-lived friendship with Sae-byeok, the show’s only female lead.

To be fair, Hwang couldn’t have foreseen the show’s meteoric success.

The South Korean drama presently holds the record for being the most-watched series of all time after raking in an astounding 1.65 billion viewing hours of viewing in the 28 days after its premiere.

It was only after its massive success that a second season was possible. And to cut him some slack, if the characters haven’t been killed off, the show wouldn’t have been all that exciting to watch in the first place.

Maybe this time, Hwang might want to double-check if he ought to sentence the character to their absolute death, just in case.

But then again…there’s always Andy Lau, right?

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