McDonald’s To Sell Salted Egg Yolk Fries, Pandan McFlurry, Peach Pie & More From 3 Jan 2019

The new year has just started and Chinese New Year’s just around the corner.

Do you know what that means?


McDonald’s, the trendy cool kid of the fast food world, is all ready to start a new trend for Singaporeans.


When it comes to creating food trends for the local fast food scene, McDonald’s the one everybody’s looking at.

From their Nasi Lemak burger to D24 Durian McFlurry, most of what they make seems to be a hit so far.

If you agree with me, you’ll be psyched to know that they’re ready to do it again.

Tomorrow, in fact.

McDonald’s To Peach Pie and Salted Egg Fries From 3 Jan 2019 

McDonald’s pretty well-known for their pies.

Like their rich chocolate pie which sold out pretty fast

And the classic Apple Pie that Singaporeans will never get tired of.

Now, they’re going to wow you with a new pie that’s going to drive you fruity.

Covered with the crispy, fragrant pie pastry that we all know and love is a smooth filling of succulent white peach chunks.

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It’ll be available from $1.40 a la carte at all outlets, Dessert Kiosks and via McDelivery® and GrabFood, while stocks last.

Together with the peach pie (that’ll drive you s(peach)less, sorry, had to add that in), is what everybody knows and loves.

Fries. With salted egg sauce.


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Imagine McDonald’s savoury fries covered with salted egg yolk sauce, blended with curry leaves.

You’ll be able to get the fries at just $1.20 with every upgrade of fries with any meals. It is offered at all outlets islandwide and via McDelivery® and GrabFood, while stocks last.


Let’s just hope the last debacle with the cheese bacon fries doesn’t happen again.

And a New Flavour For Their Soft Serve Ice Cream

Hands up if you’re a fan of McDonald’s soft serve ice cream.

Well, they’re looking to up the game by giving you infusing pandan flavour into their soft serve ice cream.

You can get it in a cone ($1) or get the soft serve covered in delicious chocolate ($1.20).


Or, if you’re feeling particularly classy, you can go for the sundae version at just $2

Or the Pandan McFlurry at just $3

Plus, Good News For Har Cheong Gai Lovers

When McDonald’s went all colloquial and made a Har Cheong Gai (Prawn Paste Chicken) version of their drumlets and chicken patty, the whole of Singapore went crazy.


We weren’t that impressed with the burger version.


We went crazy over the “secret” cutlet that McDonald’s had.

If you love McDonald’s Har Cheong Gai as much as my fat boss, you’ll be happy to know that they’re bringing it back as a time-limited item.


You can get them at 2 pieces from $2.40.

Or, if you’re sharing the guilt with a friend (new year, new you, remember?), there’s a happy sharing box edition to pig out on too.

The Happy Sharing Box (Special Edition) includes 6-piece McNuggets and 4-piece Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Drumlets.


It is available from $7.90 and is available at all outlets islandwide and via McDelivery® and GrabFood, while stocks last.

So what are you waiting for?

Time to go McDonald’s and eat tomorrow liao!

And yes, please stay tuned to this app because we’ve just stolen our boss’s credit card and would be ordering them tomorrow.

That is, if they’re not out of stock within hours and if our boss didn’t realize his card is with us.

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