MCD’s McGriddles Kena Substituted With Sausage McMuffin with Egg Without Announcement

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McGriddles fans, listen up! Something happened to your favourite McGriddles.

You know, that all-star player (no, not Cristiano Ronaldo). This.

That one that has everyone in Singapore cheering for the world cup, even if they’re not soccer fans.

Just like Singapore’s soccer team, it’s been thrown out of the world cup.

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Without much fanfare. Well, to be specific, it’s like a substitute without an announcement.


Here’s what happened.

McGriddles Disappeared From McDonald’s Latest All-Day Breakfast Promotion Ad

On 22 June, sharp-eyed netizens realised that their favourite all-star player was missing from McDonald’s latest ad promoting their all-day breakfast.

And it’s no wonder people are pissed.

I mean, you’ve proudly promoted on your McGriddles ad that people have been waiting for this for two years.

And you brought it back for two weeks?


But that’s not the best part.

McDonald’s removed the McGriddles without warning, causing a public outcry on their Facebook page.


Plus, you’ve got to admit that in the ads, McGriddles and McMuffins look pretty similar. Which led to some ordering it, expecting the Griddles and getting their less capable cousin, the Muffin, instead.

One of us Were “Faked” by the Stepover

I kid you not. So a colleague of mine wanted a McGriddles because he’s fat like that, and well, he became Number 17.


He literally thought it was McGriddles, because here, take a look at the delivery menu.


And the best part? He read about McGriddles’ disappearance and thought that it was #FakeNews.

Well, he’s faked.

McDonald’s Explain Their Side Of The Story

Of course, with such a public outcry, McDonald’s customer service just has to respond.

And they explained the disappearance of McGriddles from their menu.

It. Was. Sold. Out.

And to be honest, we’re sort of expecting that reason.


After all, wasn’t that what happened to the Chocolate Pie?

Image: Screengrab from

As well as the Nasi Lemak Burger and Chendol McFlurry?

Image: Screengrab frm Channelnewsasia

But again, McDonald’s have shown that they are willing to listen to netizens’ comments. So who knows, they might just take these comments seriously.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess you can only pray.

But here’s the good news, the Nasi Lemak burger was sold out within two weeks, but they brought it back for a second run.

The McGriddles might be brought back before the World Cup fever ends, eh?

Image: Quickmeme

On a separate note, McDonald’s Japan, which incidentally still sells McGriddles, is selling a something cool. Literally.


Japan McDonald’s To Start Selling Calpis Shakes


Summer has come to Japan and McDonald’s Japan is looking to cool the Japanese down with their new offering.

The Calpis shakes.

In case you’re wondering what’s that, it’s a drink that tastes like yoghurt or Yakult. Incidentally, it’s incredibly popular with the Japanese people.

But we might know it better as Calpico, and you can usually get it at places like Don Don Donki.

McDonald’s Japan announced that they’ll be starting the sale of these shakes from 27 June onwards, although they mentioned they’ll make the shakes less sweet and more tart to reflect the unique taste of Calpis.

The cups will be priced at 120 yen (S$1.48) for a small cup and 200 yen (S$2.47) for a large one.

Interested in trying this out? Get enough people to badger McDonald’s Singapore about it and maybe, just maybe, it might be brought into Singapore.

Like the previous chocolate pie incident (spot our article there!).


In the meantime, I guess McDonald’s need to know that substitution can only be made when the ball is out of play, and there must be an announcement like this:

Image: Giphy

Cannot suka suka just change players. Heck, even Sunday football games in Yishun do a substitution professionally #justsaying

Now you know what Singaporeans are talking about today; do check back tomorrow for another piece of news of the day!

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