Mimi Chu Has Up to 9 Properties in S’pore, M’sia and Hong Kong, Including an HDB Flat

Last Updated on 2022-12-26 , 2:15 pm

Struggling to get your finances in order?

Well, actress and singer Choo Yit Mei, more commonly known as Mimi Chu, has some tips.

And you best believe her suggestions, for she owns up to 9 properties across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Up To 9 Properties in Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, Chu shared that she owns up to nine properties across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

She owns four properties in Hong Kong, one HDB in Singapore and the rest in Malaysia—you can do the maths yourself.

Most of these properties, however, were bought years ago when property prices were cheaper.

When she bought her first Hong Kong property in Tsim Sha Tsui, it was approximately HKD210,000 (S$36,000). She’d never expected that this property would now be in Hong Kong’s harbour city.

Talk about luck.

While this purchase may be a lucky one, that doesn’t mean that Chu doesn’t put in her fair share of work. In fact, she could only afford her nine properties by actively saving up her earnings.

The 68-year-old is a Malaysian-born actress and singer who has starred in both Hong Kong and Singaporean productions. Most Singaporeans might recognise her for her roles in iconic Mediacorp productions like Home in Toa Payoh or Beautiful Connections.

More recently, Chu also appeared in the Chinese New Year comedy-drama film Reunion Dinner, which features other familiar names like Mark Lee, Xiang Yun and, of course, Lawrence Wong (the actor, not our Deputy Prime Minister).

Image: Facebook (Reunion Dinner《团圆饭》)

And she isn’t looking to stop.

She’s lined up for a bunch of gigs until April 2023, ranging from movie roles to variety shows.

From the looks of it, she doesn’t even have time to enjoy her nine properties.

Mimi Chu’s Humble Beginnings

The actress shared that she, too came from humble beginnings.

Image: IMDb

Her father was a barber earning 30 cents per haircut, raising not one, not two, but nine children.

From raising nine children to his daughter now owning nine properties, it has come full circle.

The Malaysian-born Chu studied at a school in Ipoh, Malaysia. She shared that she had never been one for the books and, up till primary four, still did not know the whole English alphabet.

Only in primary six did she finally learn to match numbers to their numerical values—that “one” meant “1”, and “two” meant “2”.

Not seeing much success on the academic side, Chu stepped out into the working world at a young age.

Reminder: Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

Chu shared that she learnt early on that money really doesn’t grow on trees. She worked hard and earned what she earned, making it a point not to spend freely.

Did you hear that? You better clear your cart in Shopee now. You don’t need that additional pair of earrings.

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The 68-year-old added that whether a person does well does not necessarily depend on academic qualifications. Instead, Chu believes that a person’s success depends on the opportunities you run into and whether you can grasp those opportunities.

She emphasises finding your talents, drawing back to how her musical talent allowed her to have a musical career despite her lack of music education.

We’re not saying, however, that you should jump on TikTok now and try to make your break as a TikTok singer. Need we remind you of how netizens ripped Kira Peace apart?

Spending Wisely: Mimi Chu Doesn’t Spend More Than $10 A Day

You read that right. Mimi Chu doesn’t spend more than $10 daily, even up until today.

Perhaps if you’d listen to the 68-year-old, your bank account will stop being on thin ice at the end of every month. Imagine how much savings you’ll amass if only you’d skip on that cup of bubble tea you definitely didn’t need.

Chu shares that this is only the first of her three killer moves to save money.

Image: IMDb

Her second secret? She often receives merchant coupons during shoots, which she then uses to purchase branded shoes and clothes.

The result? She doesn’t have to spend a single cent on her own.

So, work hard and earn your daily Shopee coins. If you ever want to be like Mimi Chu, you’ll need as many discounts as possible.

Her third and final secret? She wears her son’s clothes.

Chu shared that she would wear the clothes her oldest son no longer wears, so when she does head out in branded T-shirts, it’s usually her son’s.

She also donates some of these clothes to charity.

“Feng Shui For The New Year”

Currently, Chu is in Hong Kong for the production of the Chinese New Year variety show Feng Shui For The New Year. 

The 68-year-old is one of the shows’ hosts, alongside renowned fortune teller Mak Ling Ling.

Despite being the feng shui show’s host, Chu shared that she isn’t one to be invested in fortune telling, feng shui, or divination.

The reason why?

Chu doesn’t want to bring herself unnecessary stress and pressure from having such knowledge.

Perhaps you should stop checking your daily horoscope too. Maybe mercury isn’t really in retrograde, and you’re just stressing yourself out.

Chu also expressed her gratitude for the many job opportunities coming her way, even at this age.

Actress Recently Lost Two Sisters In Three Months

The actress’ step back into the entertainment world comes after a brief break from showbiz following the death of two family members.

In three months, Chu lost her fifth-eldest sister, who had succumbed to cancer and her third-eldest sister, who had Alzheimer’s.

Chu, the sixth-eldest in the family, had to take some time to rest before returning to showbiz.

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