MINDEF ‘Roasts’ Ah Girls Go Army by Resharing Its Female BMT Series


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d probably know that Jack Neo’s latest army movie, Ah Girls Go Army, wasn’t really well-received by everyone.

You can watch our cute blue office cat explaining why that’s happening below:

Previously, we said it could be the minority in Singapore who dislike it; but turns out, Mindef, the folks behind the real army, might just be part of that crowd.

Here’s what you need to know.

MINDEF ‘Roasts’ Ah Girls Go Army by Resharing Its Female BMT Series

On 4 Feb 2022, the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) uploaded a trailer to its own series of female soldiers in the SAF.

This video was uploaded shortly after Jack Neo’s movie came out on 1 Feb 2022, and despite impressive numbers, it seems Mindef wants to clear up any misconception about a female recruit’s life in Singapore.

Mindef emphasises that people who check out their video series Into the Fray: The Making of a Female Soldier will get a real look into the life of what women BMT is like.

“What’s women’s BMT like? Watch the real deal here!”

Thus far, the Facebook post has garnered over 20K views and nearly 500 reactions, all within two days.

Into the Fray: The Making of a Female Soldier

The web series, Into the Fray: The Making of a Female Soldier was released back in 2015.

A seven-episode series, with the duration of each episode between seven to nine minutes, the series follows five female recruits on their journey through BMT.


Unlike Jack Neo’s movie, there aren’t many jokes there (which some might think is better than the movie’s cringey ones).

However, NSmen and NSFs out there can probably relate to this series better, since it shows several iconic moments we can all remember fondly.

This includes having blisters on the feet, the rifle-snatching ceremony, the morning and after PT sessions and grenade throwing, among others.

You can watch the entire series, starting with episode 1 here.

Marching Song Has Never Sound So Good

Of course, because we’re Goody Feed and secretly cats typing away at keyboards, we tend to notice irrelevant things.

Everyone who’s been through route marches in the SAF would remember the iconic marching songs we chant during the journey.

And you got to admit, the marching song Training to be Soldiers, which was used as the soundtrack for the trailer, has never sounded so good, no?

Here, you can hear it once more below:


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Feature Image: YouTube (Ministry of Defence Singapore)