Winning Tickets of Yesterday’s $10 Million Toto Prize Were Both Bought in Shopping Malls


Everyone has a dream of winning the lottery and rolling around in that sweet cash prize.

Since larger Toto jackpot prize monies had been reintroduced, where un-won prize money from the previous draws can be brought over to the next draw, there had been a whooping $10,713, 876 for the Group 1 Prize of Monday’s Toto draw.

When the winning numbers 8, 11, 17, 21, 30, and 44, with an additional number of 48 was announced at 6:30pm on Monday (10 Jan)…

Two lucky winners walked away with the grand prize of $5.36 million each.

Coincidentally, both winning tickets had been bought at shopping malls.

One being at NTUC Fair Price in Tampines Mall, and the other at Cheng Tai Boon Beng in Orchard Plaza.

The Long Queues

Let’s all just be truthful here, whether it’s punters or non-betters alike, such bumper-prizes are incredibly tempting.

Just the thought of the ‘What ifs’, the tantalising possibility of winning it big resting on your minds is enough to draw you to the queue in front of Singapore Pools like a waft of delicious-smelling Hainanese Chicken Rice.

To the surprise of no one, there had been extremely long queues, stretching around the block and corners, with punters ready to place their bets.

There were as many as 50 to 80 people queuing up during lunch hours.

Punters were even abiding by the 1-metre social distancing protocol by following the trodden yellow tapes on the ground, willing to wait patiently regardless of the sweltering weather.

Image: (Jimmy Chong)

Punters and Answers

 In the interviews conducted by The Straits Times, many punters admitted that they did not have high hopes for winning.

Which makes sense, because there are 13,983,816 ways of choosing 6 winning numbers from 49 numbers, but there is only one winning combination.

Even the odds for Group 2 Prizes are slim, with a 1 in 2,330,636 chance of winning.

I would like to say “May the Odds be ever in your Favour” like in the Hunger Games, but those tributes are only fighting against 23 people, not maths permutations and combinations.

Nevertheless, it won’t stop people from tossing in a bit of money to try.


One of the individuals interviewed at Tong Aik Huat, a construction worker who wants to remain known as Mr Singnam, stated that he was lining up to place bets for his friends even though his lunch break was only 20 minutes long.

Furthermore, he wasn’t a regular better himself; he was the type who would merely try his luck once every two weeks.

Of course, there are people from all walks of life in the queue.

A first-year university student by the name of Yuki Leong, aged 22, hoped to donate half of the prize money to charity if she won, while using the remaining half to treat her family and pay for her school fees.

That’s quite a sweet sentiment, and pragmatic too.


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In any case, always have more sense than the want for money, and bet wisely, not compulsively!

If you didn’t win this time, there’s always the next…

Hold on, isn’t that how the addictive mindset begins?

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