M’sia Authorities Fined Supermarket After Shopping Frenzy of $0.28 Coke Can


What do Singapore and Malaysia have in common, other than our food?

Well, some might argue that we love:

  • Good deals
  • Queuing up for good deals

Remember when the pandemic first struck and many were frantically raiding supermarkets?

In hopes to seemingly stock up a lifetime of rice, canned food, and other daily necessities.

This time around, however, some Malaysians were recently spotted queuing up for good deals, but for a not-so-needed necessity.


Shopping Frenzy of $0.28 Coke

Just last weekend from 7 to 9 Jan, supermarket chain Econsave was having a huge promotion on their fizzy drinks.

In particular, the coco-cola drinks sold in cartons were extremely popular and high in demand. A carton of 24 cans was sold at RM20.88.

That is an extremely low price. If you do the maths, that amounts to only S$0.28 per can.

Needless to say, the promotion piqued the interests of many Malaysians. In a video posted on Facebook, customers could be seen crowding around the Coke cartons.

Many of them were shoving each other around while trying to get their hands on the cartons.

It’s almost as if people have forgotten that we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

In the video, the majority of the customers were wearing masks. However, no attempts of social distancing were present.

Additionally, no authorities like security officers were around to manage the situation.


The Aftermath

You may ask, what happened afterwards?

Well, a damaged carton was left on the floor in one of the Econsave supermarkets after the shopping frenzy.

Image: Facebook (Inforoadblock)

Customers also wiped out all stocks from the shelves.

In a separate video, supermarket employees were trying to restock the Coke cartons. However, some agitated customers were snatching the cartons even before the staff could restock them onto the shelves.

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Malaysia Authorities Fined Econsave Supermarket

Once things go viral on the internet, we can almost be sure that it’s going to come under the radar of the authorities.


Needless to say, the videos of the shopping frenzy eventually caught the attention of authorities.

Econsave supermarket was fined RM1,000 (S$323) for a breach of standard operating procedures (SOP). Manjung district police chief Assistant Commissioner Police Nor Omar Sappy also said on 9 Jan that the supermarket failed to ensure social distancing.

As for the people who went apeshit over the drinks?

Well, their only punishment might be the empty calories that would be going into their bodies as there has been no update about their behaviour.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Inforoadblock & 搜槟网 Shopping Wang)