Netflix Drops Korea’s Remake of Money Heist That’ll Start Streaming on 24 June


If you’re craving more thrilling Korean shows ever since you watched Squid Game, you’re in luck.

The Korean remake of the popular Spanish series Money Heist will be streaming on Netflix this month. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

Similar Storyline with Cultural Twist

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is the remake of the massively popular Spanish series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel), which will consist of six episodes in total.

What was originally a 15-episode pilot season has been consolidated into approximately six hours of content, following a similar storyline—hence why it’s called a remake—but with a cultural twist that’s already evident in its title.

In this remake, the two Koreas have reunified, creating a “Joint Economic Area” that features a unified currency.

The Professor, which is the mastermind of the heist, gathers a group of professional thieves to steal four trillion won in unified currency straight from the mint.

Details From Trailers

In the first trailer, we can see that the iconic Salvador Dali mask has been replaced with a traditional Hahoe mask instead.


The second trailer provides more details about the plot, which reveals that the unified currency was expected to improve the lives of all Koreans. However, it turns out that the new currency simply led to the rich getting richer, while the poor continue to suffer.

It seems like this version of Money Heist will also tackle societal issues in the backdrop of a fictionalised world.

In the third trailer, it shows the Professor recruiting various members of the heist, and shots of the actual heist with lots of gunfire. It also reveals that there’ll be a joint unit of both North and South Korean police to handle the heist and the negotiations.

The trailer ends off with this intriguing quote: “Getting the public on our side is the last piece of the puzzle. Our heist will go down in history as a revolutionary crime.”

You can watch the newest trailer here:

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An Impressive Main Cast

True to the Spanish series, the characters will be keeping their original names, even if the faces are different.

The Professor and mastermind of heists is portrayed by Yoo Ji-tae, who previously acted in Mad Dog.

The right-hand man to the Professor, Berlin, is played by Park Hae-soo, the protagonist of Squid Game.

The troublemaker Tokyo will be taken on by Jun Jong-Seo from Burning.

Meanwhile, Lee Won-Jong will act as the bank robber and father figure, Moscow.

Denver, Moscow’s son, is played by Kim Ji-hoon from Flower Of Evil.

Rounding off the family dynamics is the single mother Nairobi, who is portrayed by model and actress Jang Yoon-ju.

The last pair of brothers in the gang, Helsinki and Oslo, will be played by Kim Ji-Hun and Lee Kyu-Ho respectively.

The two main hostages will be Park Myung-hoon (Parasite) as Cho Young-min and Lee Joo-bin (Find Me In Your Memory) as Youn Misun.


The taskforce that will be leading the investigation into this group of marauders are none other than Kim Yunjin from Lost and Kim Sung-O from A Korean Odyssey. They have been casted as Seon Woo-jin and Cho Moo-hyuk respectively.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area will be available on Netflix on 24 June.

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