Monkeys Broke into Jurong West Home for Food As There Are Lack of Offerings at Temples

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Humans aren’t the only ones affected by COVID-19 and its consequences.

For example, fishes are enjoying a cleaner sea and birds breathe fresher air.

Also, our dogs are having the best times of their lives because their hoomans are home all day with them.

But unfortunately, not all animals are positively affected by all of these.

Monkey Business

A woman in Jurong West has been having trouble with some monkey business in her home for a few weeks in May.

On the 13 May, she came home to discover that her home has been plundered by thieves who pillaged her food right under her maids’ noses.

One of the daring robbers even audaciously tried to steal a banana from the kitchen where the maids were, only for them to discover their presence before they made their escape.

Image: Zaobao

These were, of course, the work of two mischievous monkeys.

After escaping from the house, they boastfully feasted on the plundered mangoes outside and even went on to break into several other neighbours’ homes.

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According to the 48-year-old homeowner, this was the first time she has encountered such an incident in her 10-year residence.

On the 24 May, as she took precautions by installing metal grills on her gate, the monkeys were unable to break in once again. Instead, they chose to ravage the packeted winter melon drinks left outside the door.

She then also added that she has also witnessed them terrorising children at the playground.

Such foul behaviour; it is perhaps time to contact the Monkey King to discipline them.

Image: Rebloggy

Food Shortage Due to Lack of Offerings

As speculated by the homeowner, the monkeys may be suffering a food shortage due to a lack of offerings at local temples.


Previously, monkeys would regularly plunder and feed on food offerings left at temples.

However, due to COVID-19 and the circuit breaker measures, it has caused a marked drop in their food supply, forcing them to break into human homes for monkey business.

Image: Giphy

ACRES and various organisations have been informed and are currently coming up with solutions, while the authorities are advising the public not to attempt to feed wild monkeys, risk facing a hefty $5000 fine.

Feeding monkeys can cause the spread of diseases both ways, which is kind of the last thing we would want right now.

On top of that, it may result in dependencies on humans which dangerous for both them and humans.

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