Monster Curry Having Doraemon-Themed Menu Since 29 July 2019

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An an an tottemo daisuki Doraemon~

Quick, what’s blue and white that everybody loves?

Shit, did you answer Goody Feed? It was meant to be Doraemon.

Damn, mentioning Doraemon and the song made me nostalgic, I wonder what they look like now after all tho-


I guess I’ll stick to nostalgia.

But, jokes aside.

Monster Curry X Doraemon for new Doraemon movie

Doraemon actually looks the same after all those years.

Monster Curry is launching an exclusive new menu and merchandise in conjunction with the opening of Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration (trailer) on 25 July 2019.

This special offer will last from 29 July until 30 September 2019 at all outlets.

Image: Fandom


We’re not sure what MONSTER-SIZED is compared to their normal already huge sizes, but since they all caps it in the media release out of nowhere I assume it means something. And just in case you’re wondering how huge their plates were, it’s 41 cm.

For comparison, the Cai Png box is 19 cm (our writer is so free that he measured cai png box!?!?).

Image: Giphy

Like Doraemon’s four-dimensional pouch, their new items will have an endless supply of food on the plate.

Special Combo Curry ($28.80)

Image: Monster Curry

Like the Special Combo Curry, which plomps on their most popular toppings. Which popular toppings? ALL of them—Pork Katsu, Fried Fish, Jumbo Fried Ebi, Tori Karaage and Takoyaki.

The rice is arranged like Doraemon’s pouch (not their claim; mine), then finished off with Monster Curry’s signature demi-glace curry and garnished with traditional Japanese pickled radish.


They say it’s good for two to share, but hey, I only see one plate…

Special Single Curry ($15.80)

Image: Monster Curry

But if you don’t have a Nobita to your Doraemon for sharing, then there’s also a one-person serving version, which is served on a 34 cm plate instead.

Hokkaido Organic Potato Wedges ($11.80, with Doraemon Container)

Image: Monster Curry

In case those MONSTER-SIZED plates still aren’t enough, there’s also Hokkaido Organic Potato Wedges ($11.80) served with house-made curry mayonnaise.

Wah, after eating curry png still eat more carbs meh?


Hold on… What’s that blue thing beside the potato wedges?

Because nobody said you need to eat the wedges on the spot! Buying the wedges means you get a Doraemon container, which is the perfect vessel for you to dabao your wedges or your leftovers.

What’s that? You want more Doraemon cuteness?

Thirst-Quenchers with Doraemon coaster and more merchandise

Blue Calpis Soda ($5.80, with Doraemon coaster)

Image: Monster Curry

What if Doraemon were a drink? Blue Calpis Soda is a Japanese yoghurt drink mixed with a blue soda. And as for Nobita…


Okinawa Shiquasa Soda ($5.80, with Doraemon coaster)

Image: Monster Curry

Made with Shiquasa lime (a lime grown in Okinawa), mango juice and soda.

Did I mention there are 4 designs available for the coasters?

Available only for dine-in customers, you can buy T-shirts of 3 exclusive designs (S$25 nett), Soft Toys of 2 sizes (S$12.80 and S$49.80 nett) and a limited edition Tumbler (S$11.80 nett, or S$9.80 top up with any drink).

Image: Monster Curry

Here’s a sneak peek of the goods we received as samples:


Guess you’ll be seeing me hug a 50cm Doraemon plushie at one of the outlets soon.

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