More Firms Offering Rental Services to Those Serving SHN; Include Exercise Equipment, Household Items

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What do you do when you’re stuck in quarantine, serving your Stay-Home Notice (SHN)?

Maybe binge on unhealthy snacks and turn the packaging into a pencil case?

Ask your partner (who isn’t on SHN) to come eat meals with you while you two communicate through the hotel window?

Or maybe even… exercise?

Rental Services Offering Sports Equipment

If you think these people are weird for exercising instead of pigging out, maybe think again. Renting workout equipment has been on the rise ever since Singapore rolled out mandatory SHN to travellers.

According to TODAYonline, returning travellers like Ms Ginny Leow have been seeking more forms of “entertainment” after being cooped up in a hotel room for two weeks. She hence rented some books and a small basketball hoop for her children, as well as an exercise bike to “bring out [her] inner hamster”.

She had paid S$350 to rent the exercise bike for two weeks from equipment rental company Sweatspot SG.

The company’s founder, 47-year-old Ian Berclaz, said that they were initially providing rental services to residents stuck at home during Circuit Breaker last year.

When Singapore introduced mandatory SHN to travellers, they realised the potential of the market and thus began expanding their services.

In fact, Sweatspot SG has since seen a daily average of eight customers who took up their SHN package, which consists of rental of one exercise bike, a pair of dumbbells, one yoga mat, and a subscription to online exercise videos.

Go get that SHN glo-up!

Another company, SHN Sport, popped up in February to offer similar services to residents on SHN. The founder, Ms Mounia Nasser, had came up with the idea after her friend had requested her to send his exercise bike to the hotel he was quarantined at.

The exercise had allowed him to keep fit while being entertained at the same time.

SHN Sport offers exercise bike rentals ranging from S$128 to S$185 for two weeks depending on the type of bike. Once an order has been processed, the company will send out the equipment on the very same day.

Wondering if the equipment is safe to use since we’re still stuck in a pandemic?

Ms Nasser explains that SHN Sport “collect[s] the equipment at the concierge to clean and sanitise for the next customer,” ensuring a safe and clean service.


Rent “Anything One Might Need During Quarantine”

If exercise is not your thing (it sure as hell isn’t mine), perhaps Happy SHN is where you should look.

Their founder, 35-year-old David Lee, has experienced SHN twice and knows exactly what you need. The company provides rental for items such as food steamers, laser printers, a microwave, and even a gaming console.

Now this is more like it.

To rent products from Happy SHN, customers place a deposit (which varies depending on the rented item) and the rental fees will be deducted from the deposit while the remaining amount will be refunded after the rental period ends.

It can cost about S$300 to rent an air purifier and S$80 for a vacuum cleaner for two weeks.

Mr Lee notes that customers can even send in requests for items that are not in the catalogue.

So you go to social media and it appears that everyone is agreeing with your views. Watch this video to the end and you’d realise that there’s a disturbing reason behind this:

Unfortunately, a good vacation break and WFH arrangements aren’t up for rent anywhere.

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