Move over, Starbucks. There are Sunbucks & Moonbuck Coffee. I Can’t Even


Move over, Starbucks.

Because Sunbucks and Moonbuck are in town.

And guess what? They serve way better fare than you.

Erm… probably.


Located in China, Sunbucks Coffee is an original cafe serving… coffee.

Image: Jezebel

Oh my; the resemblance is uncanny. And to verify their authenticity? They’ve got exclusive merchandise.

Image: Redbubble
Image: Redbubble

But that’s not all.

China’s also got…

Image: gizchina

And the one you will totally bring your annoying colleagues to…

Image: gizchina

Okay, moving on. Introducing…


Image: Moonbuck Coffee Facebook Page

The logo, for one, doesn’t look it was ‘ctrl c + v’ from Starbucks’ Facebook page.

They’ve even got their own Facebook Page (because it’s not in China, yo).

Image: Moonbuck Coffee Facebook Page

Located in Petaling Jaya, it’s got a 5.0 star rating.

Image: Moonbuck Coffee Facebook Page

Not too shabby.

And seeing how it’s got quite a few likes…

Image: Moonbuck Coffee Facebook Page

I think it’s pretty legit?


There were also deals!

Image: Moonbuck Coffee Facebook Page

All in all

I would say that Moonbuck is pretty legitimate, despite its name.

Their China counterparts, however, could use a bit more creative branding.

Seriously… Star Fu*ks?

Image: memegenerator

Moral of the story: Don’t try to copy your more popular friends.


Just be yourself (because otherwise you will look like a total joke).

And oh, I think I take my words back. Starbucks is still the best-est #cozmanystarbucksfanshere

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