Furious MP Lodges Police Report Over Edited CNY Banner Showing Her In Revealing Dress

You might have seen a random photo of MP Tin Pei Ling in a revealing qipao across Telegram, Facebook or whatever.

It’s fake.

Image: Giphy

The Original Banner

MP Tin is wearing a cheongsam here, and the message “Tin Pei Ling Member of Parliament for Macpherson SMC wishes all residents A Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year” can be seen in both English and Chinese.

Image: Facebook (Tin Pei Ling)

The original is really nothing interesting, just a standard cut and paste “happy CNY” with the face of a politician on a board.

The Photoshopped Banner

MP Tin has requested that people not share the image, so you only got my word here.

Trust me, I’ve look at it for y’all.

The fake version has MP Tin wearing a revealing sleeveless qipao and showing cleavage.

Image: All Singapore Stuff

Instead of the standard happy CNY greeting, the fake picture instead says
“Tin Pei Ling Member of Parliament for Macpherson SMC
Enjoy happy savings with Government U-SAVE rebates!
Vote PAP for prosperity & power!”

Check out what U-SAVE is here.

And as someone who cannot watch anything unless it’s in 4K, I’ve zoomed into the pic for you, the readers, to verify the fakeness of this.

Definitely not motivated by anything else.

Just looking at skin colour, it doesn’t match with MP Tin’s face. You might even notice that the body doesn’t quite match the head.

The image is obvious satire if you just look carefully.

You know, satire like this:

Image: Standard

Bet you never expected to see hot bod Trump in an article titled “revealing dress” huh.

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MP Tin Urges Everyone Not To Share It

Image: Facebook (Tin Pei Ling)

In Tin Pei Ling’s Facebook, she clarified that the photoshopped version is fake, and said that the image is “crass”. She urges everybody not to share the image “to discourage such behaviour”, saying that “the person or party behind this has no respect for women”.

Speaking to CNA, she also says she’s planning to lodge a police report, but leave it to the police on whether to take action or not.

I think these incidents being in the news might actually have circulated the image more compared to just ignoring it.

But what do I know?

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