Mr Bean S’pore Now Selling Limited Ed. S’pore-Flavour Pancakes & Eggwiches


In Singapore, the nation of food, food fads come and go.

You have the salted egg everything, cheese everything, bubble tea everything and more.

While most of these food fads pass with time, there’s one that has been consistently appearing on the food scene year after year.

The local-flavours food fad.

Things like Laksa burgers from Burger King

Salted Egg chicken from Popeyes

Nasi Lemak burger from McDonald’s

Well, you get what I mean.

And Now, Mr Bean is Joining In On The Action

This is Mr Bean.

Image: HungryGoWhere

If you love the pancake and eggwich from Mr Bean, then you know that they are always on the lookout for new and interesting flavours.

And it seems like this year, they managed to discover not one, not two, but four Singapore flavours.


Aptly named the Singa-Four, the flavours are Pandan Cheesecake, Gula Melaka Sago, Chilli Crab and Butter Chicken.


The new flavours will be released at different dates:

Available from 15 July:

  • Pandan Cheesecake Pancake @ $2.40
  • Butter Chicken Eggwich @ $3.60

Available from 22 July:

  • Gula Melaka Sago Pancake @ $2.40
  • Chilli Crab Eggwich @ $3.60

Special Promo For Special Flavours

If there’s one thing that proves Mr Bean is a true-blue Singapore brand, it’s how they angle their marketing on this.

As everybody in Singapore knows, there’s nothing we love more than these two things: good food and good deals.


Which is why, Mr Bean is not just giving good food, but a deal on top of it.

2 Eggwich For $5.40

If you’ve done your math properly, you’ll know that two eggwiches normally cost $7.20. But if you were to get 2 SingaFour eggwiches, you can enjoy a discount of $1.80 and get it at $5.40 instead.

$0.50 OFF drinks

Only have room for one eggwich? Wash it down with some Mr Bean soya milk…for cheap.

Get one SingaFour eggwich and enjoy $0.50 off your drink to complete the meal.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Time to go Mr Bean and check out their new flavours.


P/S: We’ve tried them all and we’ve got some top picks for you.

For sweet, go Pandan Cheesecake. 

For savoury, go Chilli Crab.

You’re welcome 😉