McDonald’s S’pore Bringing Back Nasi Lemak Burger, Cendol Soft Serve & Banana Pie From 25 Apr

McDonald’s might have fallen (a bit) from grace with their salted sour egg fries, but they’re coming back stronger than ever.

By bringing back the much-loved Nasi Lemak burger, along with a few buddies.

Here’s A Flashback To Two Years Ago

Back in July 2017, McDonald’s decided to venture into the deep unknown and create Singapore’s first locally-infused burger, the Nasi Lemak burger.

It got so crazy that the burgers were sold out within two weeks. Across the entire island.

And while it made a comeback a few months later due to popular demand (read: that potential for moolah-making)

Well, if you haven’t tried it even after McDonald’s brought it back for the second time, you’re in luck.

Because you’re going to see a familiar face in McDonald’s soon.

McDonald’s Bringing Back Nasi Lemak Burger

According to our friends in McDonald’s, McDonald’s Singapore is bringing back the Nasi Lemak burger from 25 Apr 2019 onwards. #BecauseHariRaya

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

In case you’ve forgotten how the nasi lemak burger tastes like, we have a taste review from the first time it was launched so that the taste won’t surprise you.

Let’s just say the reviewer wasn’t thrilled.

And once more when it made a comeback

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The burger will cost $6.20 ala-carte, or from $8 in Extra Value Meals. It will be available at all McDonald’s outlets and delivery via McDelivery and GrabFood.

While stocks last, of course.

As we’ve all learnt from the previous time, while stocks last could simply mean two weeks.


But the nasi lemak burger isn’t making a comeback alone.

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Oh no.

It’s Bringing Some Friends Along For The Ride

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Yes, you saw that right. Following behind the much-loved and uber-familiar face of our very own nasi lemak burger is the banana pie.


Think apple pie, just stuffed with banana and coming out looking like the Flash’s lightning bolt. So pristine, so shiny.

And when it was released back in June 2017, Singaporeans went gaga all over it.

It’ll be available at $1.40 per piece at all outlets and delivery via McDelivery and GrabFood.


What’s the one flavour that most, if not all Singaporeans, love before vanilla ice cream became the norm here?



And McDonald’s bringing it all back.

The normal Chendol McFlurry

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Think gula melaka, vanilla soft-serve and chewy green Chendol jelly bits mixed into an awesome flur.

This is available at all outlets, Dessert Kiosks and via McDelivery® from $3.10 for a limited time only.

And it’s not just mixing gula melaka with vanilla ice cream.

There’s Chendol Softserve Too

It comes by itself in a cone.


You can cover it with chocolate too.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Or you can dribble delectable chocolate over it like my fat boss dribbles saliva over FHM magazines.

Prices are as follows:

  • Regular Cone or Twist Cone: From $1.00
  • ChocoCone®: From $1.20
  • Sundae: From $2.00
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