M’sia Just Set Record for Biggest Bowl of Laksa at 600kg, But People Are Angry

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Everyone should be proud of breaking a record, but not in this case.

A shopping centre in Malaysia, Plaza Merdeka in Kuching (this is in East Malaysia, whereby you need to take a plane to reach there from Singapore), decided to break the country’s record by making the biggest bowl of laksa.

Weighing around 600 kg, it comprises 100 kg of laksa paste, 225 kg of rice noodles, 90 kg of prawns, 90 kg of bean sprouts, 80 kg of chicken and 1,008 eggs.

In total, that will be about 1,500 bowls of laksa.

This is how it looks like.

Image: bbc.com
Image: bbc.com

Yummy, much, eh? It took over 15 cooks and over 15 hours to cook make.

But here’s the thing: What do you do with it after taking a photo with it, and setting the record? You would have thought that they’ll be, say, given to charity, or as a meal for at least 1,500 people, right?


They had initially wanted to do so, but decided to throw them all away “due to the delicacy of the ingredients, particular the fact that it contains a large amount of coconut milk”. Here’s what they have posted on their Facebook on their previous plan.

The mall manager had realized that in half a day, the laksa had started to emit a foul odour.

Of course, while netizens went apeshit about the waste, it’s practically just one thing that we all have to handle: a first world problem, indeed.

Featured Image: asiancorrespondent.com

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